Friday, August 18, 2017

Harvests and More

Hi everyone! This week has been a bit chaotic with getting some house repairs done, but I’ve still managed to cook some good meals, prepare more pickles, and harvest more veggies... 

Over the weekend, our neighbor gave us a bag of tomatoes from his garden, so I made another big batch of the spinach tomato linguine

And then on Wednesday night, I made one of my favorite recipes, the veganized orange chik’n from Quick and Easy Vegan Comfort Food, because I had some tofu I needed to use up. 

On Thursday, I made two jars of pickles and steamed some snow peas (store-bought due to the bunnies eating my snow pea sprouts) to add to the veganized orange
chik’n leftovers, which made it even better! 

And then I harvested all of my carrots; they turned out a bit short and chubby, so I think I need to dig even deeper next year when I’m preparing the soil for them. So, these 13, plus the one that Zach pulled earlier, for a total of 14 carrots. And of course the cherry tomatoes keep coming... 

Today I made a final jar of pickles with the last of the harvested cucumbers. I’ve pulled up all my cucumber plants since they were dying, so my grand total for cucumbers this year was 95!

Here’s a sunshine-y Cringer… 

P.S. Tonight I went to a solidarity with Charlottesville rally here in Phoenixville; there was an incredible turnout. I made this sign for it... 

Peace. :)

Friday, August 11, 2017

Spinach Tomato Linguine & Garden Veggies

Hi everyone! One of our neighbors gave us some veggies he grew, so this week I’ve been enjoying them. 

I made a chocolate zucchini cake, added cucumber slices to a salad, and made one of my favorite pasta dishes (spinach tomato linguine) using the tomatoes. I have the recipe written down on an index card, but it looks like it originated from here, and I continue to modify it. This time, I left out the green onions (and obviously the feta cheese, which isn’t even on my written-down version, haha). I sautéed the frozen spinach first, in canola oil, then added the tomatoes. And finally I used garlic salt instead of both salt and garlic salt. It’s so simple, but so, so good! And the leftovers are great as well. 

I’ll definitely make this again soon because my cherry tomatoes have started to come in, and if this harvest is anything like last year’s, I’m going to have a lot of cherry tomatoes on hand soon! 

And yesterday Zach pulled up one of the carrots! 

As much as I’ve been enjoying my cucumbers, I’m glad that the cucumber harvest has started to slow down a bit. In addition to the ones pictured with the other veggies above, there were only five others I picked since my last post.


The seeds I planted for the broccoli, cauliflower, and snow peas have sprouted, but there’s no sign of the kale, yet.

Here’s another of my wolf sketches…

Look at that little face!

Sometimes when Leela naps, she’ll hold up a curled front paw as if she’s saying “YES!” I often imagine her dramatically thinking, “Victory!” (which always makes me laugh).

Peace. :)

Friday, August 4, 2017

Spaghetti & Meatballs & More

Hi everyone! This week I tried the new Lightlife veggie meatballs...

...and I think these are officially my favorite vegan meatballs! They were really good! 

In garden news, my cucumber harvest total is at 80! This week, I pulled up half of the cucumber plants to make room for some broccoli. Last year's broccoli didn't do well in the heat, so I'm hoping that planting it later will help. I also planted snow pea, kale, and cauliflower seeds, so we'll see how that goes. Oh, and I checked, but the carrots aren't ready to be harvested yet, so I still need to wait a bit more for them. The cherry tomatoes should be ready soon, though!

Here's Daisy guarding one of the cucumbers...

And here's another sharpie & colored pencil sketch...

P.S. Buttons got the all-clear at her follow-up appointment on Monday; they had to lightly sedate her in order to get a good look in her mouth since she was being incredibly squirmy, but they said everything looks fine!

Peace. :)

Friday, July 28, 2017

July MiniMoFo: BBQ Chicken (The “V” Word)

Hi everyone! The MiniMoFo theme for July is BBQ, so this week, I tried a recipe I’ve had bookmarked for a while: Vegan Buffalo BBQ Chicken from The “V” Word. It turned out great (I had it with white rice and steamed peppers), and the leftovers were amazing, too! I’ll definitely make this again, but with less hot sauce – ¼ cup was a bit too much for me, but I powered through it this time, haha!

I’ve harvested 17 more cucumbers since my last post (and made two more jars of pickles), and the carrots should be ready to harvest on Sunday, so I’m excited!

Here’s a sharpie & colored pencil sketch I did earlier this week… 

And here’s Buttons having a cat nap with her face in the sunshine… She has a follow-up appointment on Monday with the surgeon to make sure everything’s healed OK from the teeth she had pulled, so fingers crossed that goes well!

Peace. :)

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Pineapple Juice Popsicles with Peaches & Strawberries

Hi everyone! Yesterday I made pineapple juice popsicles. I blended together ¾ cup pineapple juice, 1 cup frozen diced peaches, 1 cup frozen strawberries, and ¼ cup water. 

They turned out really well; I had one today as I took a break from making pickles! I’ve been harvesting lots of cucumbers from my garden…

37 cucumbers so far!

Oh, and I realized I haven’t posted much art here lately… whoops… but I’ve been doing a sketch a day this summer (mostly looking through old animal books and using the illustrations and photos therein as visual guides), and here’s one that turned out nicely. I sketched this using an ultra fine point sharpie and then colored it in with colored pencils. 

Here’s Cringer sleeping next to a bag of potatoes! 

Peace. :)

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Strawberry Lemonade Popsicles… and Blobfest!

Hi everyone! Have you heard of the 1958 movie The Blob? In case you havent, here’s the trailer…

Parts of it were actually filmed here in Phoenixville, most notably the scene where everyone is running out of the movie theater to escape the Blob! So, naturally, every year, Phoenixville celebrates Blobfest, a three-day commemoration of this nugget of local history. On Friday night, participants re-enact the run-out from the Colonial Theatre. Here’s a video of this year’s Run Out, which took place last night…

Saturday is then packed full of Blobfest activities (see the full schedule here). The Streetfair stretches for a block on Bridge Street, with food, music, a bunch of old cars, and vendors selling various crafts, art, spooky things, and vintage stuff...

Several shops in town paint their windows and other buildings get decorated for Blobfest. Here are some that I saw on Bridge Street...

The Colonial Theatre shows The Blob and several other old horror movies on both Saturday and Sunday, but since I’m not much of a horror movie person, I made strawberry lemonade popsicles as my little way of celebrating Blobfest! The frozen strawberries (2 cups), lemon juice (½ cup), water (½ cup), and sugar (2 T) looked a bit blob-like when they got blended together.

I had one of the popsicles when I got back from my brief walk around the Streetfair; it was nice and refreshing!

Leela likes to nap in this closet, and sometimes she sticks her paw out rather dramatically. 

Taking a picture woke her up, but then I was able to get this really cute shot of her!

Peace. :)