Thursday, July 28, 2011

Fruit smoothies!

So, I recently bought myself a little blender, and this week, I went to town making fruit smoothies.  I didn't have too grand a variety, as I just wanted to start out simply.  

The base for the smoothie is 1 cup soy milk, 1 banana (chopped into smaller pieces), and 1 teaspoon flax seeds.  

From there, I added a handful of blackberries the first day for a nice purple smoothie,

raspberries the second day for a light pink smoothie,

and a combination of raspberries and blackberry juice today (I pressed the blackberries in a tiny strainer to get the juice without having the seeds get in the smoothie, since they were really annoying the first time).

I enjoyed all of these and will definitely be expanding my variety of smoothies as I get more adventurous.  Zach has tried them as well, and he recommended strawberries, so that's next on my list.  Additional suggestions are welcome!

And, in closing, a close-up on my mug from the Kentucky thrift store because it's just that awesome...

Peace.  :)