Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Back from vacation, lots to catch up on, part 1

The night before we all left for vacation, my mom and I made a lovely vegan dinner together, so I thought I'd share a picture of it here.

My mom picked out a recipe for us to try from a vegan recipe book that she'd put together for me about a year ago, filled with clippings from magazines and old recipe books, even ones that she'd copied down, handwritten.  This one was from a magazine, a "peanut-broccoli pasta" (a quick search and here's the recipe online: that was already free of animal products to begin with, but that I modified slightly to fit with what we had available at the time.  Modifications included plain penne and some other random pasta instead of the whole-wheat bow-tie, smooth peanut butter instead of chunky, no tofu, 1/4 teaspoon crushed red pepper, and leaving out the salt and pepper to add individually, if desired.  (The vegetables--broccoli and red pepper--were the only things we didn't change!)  I worked on this recipe while she made the potatoes, slicing them up and sauteing them in olive oil and thyme.

Our meal turned out to be great, though the crushed red pepper in the pasta dish was a bit stronger than we had expected it to be (even though I had halved it to begin with), so next time I may just use a pinch, if at all.  Later that night when they got back from a soccer game, my dad finished up the leftover pasta, not at all intimidated by the crushed red pepper, and my sister took on the leftover potatoes, so all in all, this dinner was a hit.  

Peace.  :)

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