Monday, August 22, 2011

Back from vacation, lots to catch up on, part 3

When I got back from vacation, I was thrilled to see that I had received a package in the mail while I was away.  And when I opened it up, I was surprised when I realized that not only did it contain the necklace I had ordered from dkany on Etsy, but also some various other goodies.  But I am getting ahead of myself, so I will start from the beginning.  

A few weeks ago, I began researching different sanctuaries, as I would like to have at least one to which I can contribute in order to help provide for the animals who are being cared for there.  Prior to embracing abolitionism, I saw Farm Sanctuary as the best sanctuary, the most active, the most vocal, the most popular, the best chance of doing something for the animals now.  While no doubt the care they provide to the animals is essential, I would now prefer to put my money, support, and time toward a sanctuary that not only cares for animals, but also promotes veganism upfront without endorsing "humane" farming or advocating for welfare reform measures.  

And that's where I was thrilled to stumble upon for the Animals sanctuary once again.  This organization's website is simple and straightforward and contains beautiful pictures of the animals who call this place home.  Under the Why Vegan tab, they have many links to point out the problems with dairy, "free range" eggs, and "humane" farming.  On their Links/Contact tab, they provide links to recipes and shopping and nutrition information, as well as even linking to the Abolitionist Approach website and pamphlet.  And on their Sponsor/Donate/Buy tab, all the way at the bottom, the jewelry that they were selling caught my eye.  I've been wanting to get myself a vegan-message necklace for a while now, but I hadn't seen any that I really liked.  Here, however, I found a lovely necklace to help start conversations regarding veganism, and the money went to the sanctuary, to help the animals who live there.

And so, back to the package that I received...  I opened it up to find the beautiful necklace that I had ordered.  It's a simple heart with the words "vegan" and "ahimsa" with a little leaf in between.  I've been wearing it every day since I got it, and it's already been useful in helping me to explain to others the connection between veganism and ahimsa (nonviolence). 

vegan ahimsa
(Sorry for the poor picture quality.)

Also in the package were four vegan-message buttons, as well as business cards and information regarding sponsorship of animals at the sanctuary, which I will definitely be using to help spread the word about veganism in general and this sanctuary in particular.

surprise goodies!

So, for anyone who wants to help the animals now, who wants to make a difference today, I urge you to go vegan and then to lend your support (if you are able) to those who are caring for sanctuary animalsDonate, sponsor, or buy items from for the Animals sanctuary to support their efforts to provide a safe place for these animals, and/or plan a visit to see if you can help out on site.  I know I will be!

Peace.  :)

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