Friday, October 28, 2011

Recipe: Frozen Banana Smoothie

Hello everyone, and happy 28th day of the Vegan Month of Food!  I can't believe we're almost at the end already; for my last few posts, I plan to make bean soup, my second attempt at eggplant chips, and my pumpkin brownies for Halloween, the final day!  Today I am sharing the snack that I had earlier this day; enjoy!

Frozen Banana Smoothie

Recipe (serves one):
--1 cup soy milk
--1 frozen banana (I froze mine broken into three pieces)
--1 tsp flax seeds

Add ingredients to blender; blend until flax seeds are chopped up nicely.  Pour out into a mug; the mixture's consistency should be a cross between a smoothie and ice cream.  Enjoy with a carrot cake cupcake!

I'll leave you today with another quote from "Quotes on Slavery":

Peace.  :)

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