Sunday, October 2, 2011

Recipe: Mix-it-Up Burrito

Hello everyone!  It's the second day of Vegan MoFo, and I'm already overwhelmed with all the blogs to read!  But I'm overwhelmed in a good way, as I am so excited to see some many individuals writing about the joys of veganism (and all the wonderful food that comes along with it)!  I've already started following two new blogs (Alien's Day Out: Vegan in Seoul, South Korea and Ahimsa); you can check out my full blog list of all the blogs I read down on the left column.  Also, as I'm sure you've noticed, I worked a bit on redoing the design for my blog.  So now I have a lovely fall theme; the tiled background utilizes a photo I took myself, as well as my new profile picture.  As far as food is concerned, for dinner last night, I decided to continue on with my burrito theme, so here goes!

Mix-it-Up Burrito

From the front...

Recipe (makes 1):
--2/3 cup water
--1 teaspoon olive oil
--handful* of broccoli
--nutritional yeast
--3 tablespoons salsa
--handful* of tortilla chips (I used Tostitos Scoops)
--handful* of shredded carrots
--1 medium-sized flour tortilla  

*"handful" signifies "Julie didn't bother to measure it out...she just threw in what seemed to be a good amount, and it came out lovely"  (lol)

From the back...
Boil water, add taco filling, and reduce heat.  (As you add ingredients, keep stirring and make sure everything is well-mixed.)  Add olive oil, chop broccoli and add to mixture, sprinkle in some nutritional yeast.  Add salsa, crush tortilla chips into smaller pieces and add to the mixture along with the carrots.  Once the liquid is mostly absorbed (shouldn't take all too long; this one cooks really quick), turn off heat and add mixture to flour tortilla.  Fold into a burrito, and enjoy! 

I lol'ed after I took this picture and noticed the steam coming off of it...

All rolled up and ready to go!

So, the story for this one:  I've decided to call it the "Mix-it-Up Burrito" because I've made it a bunch of different ways, just depending on what I have available.  When I've made it in the past, I've always used spinach, but this time I was out (But it's finally grocery shopping day today--what goodies to get to try out during this lovely Month of Food?  Decisions, decisions...), so the broccoli was my choice for substitution.  Also, sometimes I've left the carrots out, but they were pretty good this time around.  I think some time in the future, I might try adding guacamole, shredded lettuce or cabbage, or maybe some Daiya shreds if I ever get around to buying some (I'm so used to not eating cheese anymore that Daiya has never been high priority on my grocery list).

Also, the first time I made it, it was more of a soft taco...and I left the salsa and tortilla chips on the side...but it was hard to eat without using a fork, so the burrito version is a lot easier if you're in the mood for using your hands to eat.  :)

Yummy, but tricky to eat without making a mess...

So, I hope you all will have a lovely day, and I'll see you tomorrow with another blog post.  For now, I'm off to catch up on some blog reading, go grocery shopping, do laundry, cook, oh, and maybe get some schoolwork done...hehe...  

I'll leave you with a quote from the website "Quotes on Slavery":

Peace.  :)


  1. I love putting stuff in wraps! They are a great way to use up all sorts of leftovers. I love the autumn theme, your pictures are great!

  2. Thanks, Kath! Wraps are pretty handy indeed! :)

  3. I am a little bit obsessed with burritos lately. I haven't done a tvp one before though!

  4. Hi B.A.D., thanks for stopping by! Of all the recipes I've tried with TVP, this is probably the one I've enjoyed the most. :)