Monday, October 3, 2011

Recipe: Pasta & Garlic Bread

I'm taking a break from some schoolwork that's just not getting anywhere right now and writing a blog post instead; I hope you approve on this third day of the Vegan Month of Food!  :)

Today is going to be a simple pasta recipe that I've done numerous ways and with different spaghetti sauces and varieties of pasta.  Included are two of my most recent pasta lunches.  

Pasta & Garlic Bread

With mixed vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower, carrots)

Recipe (serves 1)
--1 cup pasta (in this case, I used a whole grain rotini)
--1 cup vegetables (any kind works)
--spaghetti sauce
--nutritional yeast
--1 slice bread (I used Ezekiel bread)
--olive oil
--garlic salt

With spinach

Boil water, add pasta and vegetables.  Toast bread lightly to desired crispiness.  Spread some olive oil atop one side and sprinkle on some garlic salt.  Drain pasta and vegetables once cooked, add spaghetti sauce and nutritional yeast, stir and serve with the garlic bread.  Plain and simple, nice and easy.  

I have a ton of pasta stored up in my cupboards, but I purposely didn't buy any spaghetti sauce when I went grocery shopping yesterday, so now I am completely out and need to be a bit more creative with what I'm cooking during the Vegan Month of Food.  

Talking about grocery shopping, here's a picture of some of my purchases (not pictured are my cereal, frozen spinach, hummus, and tofu that had already been put away):

Bananas (a must for my smoothies!), vegetable oil, a carrot cake mix that Zach picked out to try, soy sauce, an Amy's soup to try out, canned organic pumpkin, and a squash that I bought because I wanted to be adventurous but neglected to catch its name.  Zach thought it had been labeled as an acorn squash, but after doing an image search online, I'm thinking it's a spaghetti squash.  Anyone who knows a thing or two about squash, what are your thoughts? 

The squash in question

Today I will leave you with a new essay by Gary L. Francione, "A Note on Humanlike Intelligence and Moral Value."  Enjoy this day, and I'll see you again tomorrow, as I'm off to make lunch and catch up on some blog-reading!

Peace.  :)


  1. Yes-- it looks like a spaghetti squash to me too. Definitely not an acorn squash.

    And personally, I approve of taking copious schoolwork breaks to post for MoFo!

  2. Heh, never occured to me to make a quick garlic bread that way! *wanders off to kitchen*

  3. Yeah, I would love to make my own bread by hand someday when I get the time... but for now, this works! :)

  4. That pasta with spinach looks right up my street.

  5. Hi,; glad to hear it & thanks for stopping by! :)