Friday, October 7, 2011

Recipe: Spinach Tomato Linguine

Hello everyone, and happy 7th day of the Vegan Month of Food!  Today I am posting about a vegan recipe that I made with my mom over the summer.  This was a recipe that she had found from a cookbook somewhere and copied down on an index card for me for my own little recipe book. 

Spinach Tomato Linguine


Recipe (serves 4):
--8 oz. uncooked linguine
--3 cups chopped tomato
--10 oz. frozen chopped spinach (thawed, squeezed dry)
--1/2 cup chopped green onions
--1 tsp. olive oil
--1/4 tsp. salt
--1/4 tsp. garlic salt

Cook linguine, then saute tomatoes, spinach, and onions in olive oil in large nonstick skillet until tomatoes are softened.  Sprinkle with salt and garlic salt.  Reduce heat.  Drain linguine, transfer to serving bowl.  Add tomato mixture, toss to coat.

That's the recipe as it is on the card, but we made a couple adjustments (just used a whole bag of spinach, slightly more than 10 oz., and didn't bother to thaw and squeeze dry because we were impatient, lol).  I also only did the garlic salt (both seemed a bit redundant, and there's always the option of adding more to taste).  Also, after the linguine was cooked, we just threw it in the skillet with the vegetables, mixed it up, and then served it straight from the skillet.  I think we left out the onions, too.  Ah well, all in all, it was pretty good and really easy to prepare.  My mom enjoyed it because it was rather plain, and she loves pasta, so it was a success on that end.  My aunt also enjoyed it, and my sister, well, she liked it, too, but she's not much of a spinach person, so she mostly just ate around that.

I have another sketch today; this one was of a little toy someone had on their desk at my internship last night.  

Toy puppy, 10/6/11

I'll leave you with a link to the YouTube video "Irrelevant Criterion" by LiveVegan.  Enjoy, and have a lovely day!

Peace.  :)

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