Saturday, October 1, 2011

Recipe: Thai Burrito

Happy first day of the Vegan Month of Food, everyone!  I'm going to start off today with a recipe that was inspired by a menu item from a restaurant in town that sadly isn't all vegan, though they do have several delicious vegan options (as well as others that can be easily veganized if you ask for no cheese).

Thai Burrito 

Recipe (makes 3):
--2 cups water (add more as needed)
--1 cup brown rice
--broccoli (at least 1 cup, cut)
--1/2 large red pepper
--1 cup shredded/sliced carrots
--3 tablespoons creamy peanut butter (though chunky could work as well)
--soy sauce (optional)
--3 medium-sized flour tortillas

Boil the water, add rice, and lower heat.  While rice is cooking, slice the 1/2 red pepper into smaller pieces, add to rice, then repeat with broccoli and carrots.  (If you'd rather the vegetables have more of a crunch, add later so they don't cook so long.)  Once rice is fully cooked, make sure that there is still some water remaining in the pot and add about 1/4 cup as necessary and turn off the heat.  (Add soy sauce at this point, if desired, and stir.)  Add peanut butter to the mix and stir through evenly; the water and soy sauce will help to make it even smoother.

Once the water has been absorbed and the peanut butter is mixed throughout, split the rice into thirds and fill each tortilla.  Fold over one side of the tortilla and then the opposite side to make a burrito.  Enjoy!

The first time I tried this recipe, I knew I had made way too much, so I ate one of the burritos for dinner as planned, and stored the remaining two in the fridge.  These leftovers conveniently became my lunch for my two days at my internship later that week.  They are easy to quickly heat up and eat in the office (as well as being quite delicious and filling), and they have even proved to be conversation starters.  

A few days ago, a fellow intern asked me what they were made of, and when I told her, she asked if I was vegetarian, to which I happily replied, "I'm vegan, actually."  This led nicely to a conversation with her and another office worker about why I'm vegan.  I explained that I believe very strongly in nonviolence, in doing no harm to others, and that, to me, being vegan is a logical extension of that belief to include all other animals, not just humans.  

A happy and excited P.S. as I wrap up my first blog post of the month:  The second issue (Autumn 2011 edition) of "The Abolitionist" is now available, from Vegan:UK.  Be sure to check it out!
Peace.  :)


  1. This burrito looks great. Happy first day of MoFo! Looking forward to reading more.

  2. Oh that looks so good! I've saved the recipe as this looks like a great go-to lunch!
    Happy first day of MoFo!