Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Recipe: Vegetable Orzo

Quick recipe and post today because I need to get some studying done before heading out to my internship.  One of my favorite recipes when I first went vegan was the simple vegetable orzo recipe that I came up with.  I still make it every now and then, though I've been making it less frequently now that I'm getting a bit more creative in the kitchen.  But I made it Sunday night because I wanted something quick and simple and it was all rainy and dreary outside, making me want something nice and warm.  To switch things up a bit, I even tried out a new spice with it, hooray! 

Vegetable Orzo

Recipe (serves 1):
--1 cup vegetable broth (for me, this meant 1 cup water and 1 teaspoon of my vegetable powder mix)
--1/4-1/3 cup orzo
--1 cup mixed vegetables
--soy sauce (optional)

Boil vegetable broth, add orzo and vegetables, lower heat.  Add a sprinkle of savory toward the end, and once all the liquid is absorbed, turn off heat and serve.  (Add soy sauce if desired.)  

Hot stuff

I really enjoyed the vegetable orzo this time around (though it's rare that I make it any way and don't like it), and only added a dash of soy sauce near the end for a tad bit more flavor.  The savory was a fun addition, and I also liked that it was less "soupy" (how I usually make it, just by adding a bit more water at the start).  And it was lots of fun using my cute new (old) bowl that I had gotten from a Kentucky thrift store.  I love the handle and the design, and hopefully I will get more use out of it as the Vegan Month of Food goes on.

Speaking of which, I'm really enjoying everyone's blog posts (I've been using the Google Reader for most of them); everything looks so good that I find myself wanting to make all the recipes, but for now, I'm simply bookmarking some of the ones that really catch my attention, and maybe when the craziness of this month dies down, I'll have a go at them.

I hope you all have a lovely day, and I'll leave you for now with a quote from "Quotes on Slavery":

Peace.  :)


  1. what a tasty looking dish :) i love your blog!

  2. Thanks, rachel! Glad you like it! :D