Friday, February 20, 2015

Alphabet Soup

The new recipe I tried this week was the alphabet soup from Quick and Easy Vegan Comfort Food

It was super simple to prepare, and even though I was kind of confused about including agave nectar in a soup, I made sure to follow this recipe exactly. 

It turned out alright, could have been a bit saltier, I guess, but good for such a simple recipe. 

I had some of the leftovers today; this is another recipe that's good (and slightly better) as leftovers. 

(P.S. Next week I plan to try the hummus recipe!)

Here's Buttons and Leela keeping warm: Buttons by hanging out in the sunshine, and Leela by camping out in front of the heating vent. 

Peace. :)


  1. This looks really tasty and even though its mid morning I could eat some of this soup right now! :o)

    1. Thanks, Jasmine; it was quite good! I think next time I will make a grilled cheese to go along with it! :)

  2. Ha! Leela is speaking my language. I find cookbook recipes are rarely salty enough for me. I like my food quite salty which is probably an issue :)

    1. Thanks, Hannah; I am definitely the same way in wanting my food saltier, haha! :)