Friday, March 20, 2015

Collard Greens

Hello everyone, and Happy Spring! My new recipe this week was the collard greens from Quick and Easy Vegan Comfort Food

I think this was my first time having collard greens, certainly my first time preparing them, but they turned out great (of course, a bit spicy for me). 

I followed the recipe except I left out the kale. In the future, I think I will use less red chili flakes. 

I had the collard greens with a Boca chik'n patty and potato salad (made with Just Mayo). Delicious!

And I enjoyed the leftover collard greens in other meals throughout the week...

with grilled cheese (Chao cheese slices, creamy original)

with tofu (veganized orange chik'n)

Buttons stole Leela's bed... 

So Leela curled up on Zach's hoodie. 

Peace. :)


  1. I had collards last night! They might be my favorite green :)

    1. Awesome! I'm so glad I gave them a try; I'm definitely going to have them more often now! :)