Saturday, June 20, 2015

Random Food Post (June)

Here's some of the new foods I've tried since the last random food post.

I finally got around to trying the Gardein meatless meatballs; they were pretty good. I first had them with spaghetti sauce, but found out that I actually preferred them plain. 

I also tried Daiya's fire-roasted vegetable pizza, which is now my favorite of their frozen pizzas. Yum! 

And I tried a few of the Simply Asia noodle bowls. First up was the soy ginger, which was pretty good. 

Next was the sesame teriyaki, with some Health is Wealth vegetable spring rolls on the side (the spring rolls were alright, considering that they had major freezer burn, whoops...).

And finally, the roasted peanut, with carrots added in and cucumber on the side. Delicious! 

Here's a pic of Leela and Buttons lounging around.

Peace. :)

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