Friday, September 11, 2015

Red's Grapefruit Gusher

Hello everyone! For today's prompt – "Focus on a nutrient" – I decided to show an example (or two) of where vitamin C occurs in The Blacklist.  

Red's Grapefruit Gusher
[from The Blacklist, "Dr. James Covington" (No. 89) (Season 2, Episode 3)] 
Red: Slushie?
Liz: Pass.
Red: Oh my gosh, you have no idea what you're missing. Try a grapefruit gusher. It's just like you today – a little sour.

To make my grapefruit gusher, I blended together the fruit of one grapefruit (~128% DV vitamin C) and 8 ice cubes. I added in some sugar after noticing exactly how sour it was, added more, added more, and it was still too sour for me. Liz was right to turn it down, though that vitamin C content is definitely impressive. So, instead I decided to munch on an apple (only ~14% DV vitamin C), as Ressler did in "The Deer Hunter" (No. 93) (Season 2, Episode 13). 

Now for story time unrelated to The Blacklist... today's prompt first made me think of a game we played in college. The dining hall had a bunch of nutrition pamphlets near the exit and one of them included the statement "Broccoli is a mother lode of basic nutrients." (I think this might have been it?) Anyways, we found the phrasing amusing, and I can't remember exactly how it started, but here's how the game worked... Once our table was done eating, we'd return our trays and then head to the exit as fast as possible, being careful not to run into anyone. Whoever was the first to
declare "Broccoli is the mother lode of all basic nutrients!" at the end of the hall was the winner. (Yes, somehow along the way, "a" changed to "the" and an "all" got added in there. We were giving broccoli a lot of credit, and it is pretty awesome as far as vitamin C is concerned; it has ~135% DV in 1 cup, chopped.)

And look what came in the mail today! It's a spiralizer (and also a slicer) from Amber at Vegan4One! I used it to slice up a carrot (~6% DV vitamin C), adding some color to my lunch. Thanks so much, Amber! Everyone else, be sure to check out her blog if you haven't already!

And of course, here are Buttons and Leela. They both like to hang out under my desk, though not at the same time. 

Peace. :)


  1. I love your college story. I shall think of that phrase now anytime I see brocolli!

    1. Thanks; it's always good to remember how awesome broccoli is! :D