Friday, September 19, 2014


Hello on the 19th day of the Vegan Month of Food! Tonight's post continues with another health food store item: Daiya pepperjack shredded cheese, which we put to good use!

Zach and I have only ever had the Daiya mozzarella and cheddar shreds (that's what they have at the grocery store), so when I saw the pepperjack at the health food store, I knew we'd have to try it out.

We decided to make quesadillas how we used to, back in the day, this time veganized. Here's mine:

Daiya pepperjack, diced green pepper (1/4 cup), and Beyond Meat chicken (two strips, cut up).

I thought the quesadilla was pretty good (and Zach enjoyed his as well). The pepperjack was spicy, but hey, it's supposed to be. And this was a super quick meal (we heated them up in the microwave). 

I had mine with some tortilla chips and salsa.
Buttons and Leela have been getting closer and more comfortable with each other. Here's them last night on the bed, still with space in between, but I think it's promising! Fingers crossed for the day they become cuddle buddies!

Peace. :)


  1. So i'm supposed to come and let you know that i've nominated you for a Liebster award (, but you beat me to it! To be honest, I kept getting distracted by the kittens. We had a builder here this morning, and the kittens were scared of the noise and needed lots of cuddling - such a tough job ;)

    Your cats are super adorable! How come they aren't cuddle buddies yet? Are they new additions? We were lucky when we adopted our two little ones - they're sisters, so they came as ready-made cuddle-buddies ;) They like to lie on top of each other in a big bear hug, or stretch out on the bed holding paws, which is maybe the cutest thing ever.

    Those Daiya shreds look so cool! The best we get here is Cheezly - which wouldn't really melt well it something like a quesadilla, I don't think :( But it looks so tasty I might have to give it a go anyhow!

    1. Hi Kate! No worries; kittens are wonderful distractions! :)
      Thanks! Yeah, they are both pretty new -- we adopted Buttons at the end of June and Leela mid-August. They are super cuddly with us; they're just a bit skeptical of each other still. That's great that the kittens are cuddle-buddy sisters; the pictures I've seen of them have been so cute! :D
      Yes, I love the Daiya shreds; they are super melty! Best of luck with the Cheezly & thanks again for the nomination! :)

  2. I have the same deal with out two adopted kitties and Jimmy, our older cat. They'll get there!

    Zsu @ Zsu's Vegan Pantry

  3. What a great quick meal! Sometimes people think it's not possible to have quick meals if they go vegan, but I'm glad you are showing that it is!

    1. Thanks so much, Heather! Majority of the meals I make tend to be quick ones; I'm often impatient when I'm hungry, haha! :)