Friday, December 11, 2015

Neat's Breakfast Mix

Hello everyone! This week I tried Neat's Breakfast Mix, using it to make patties, which I had with leftover roasted potatoes, and then with carrots & vegan ranch dressing. 

The patties tasted alright with some ketchup, but I wasn't really a fan. I think I just need to try to make my own from scratch sometime! 

Since it's a short post, here are some pics of sleepy kitties Leela, Buttons, and Cringer...

Leela loves this little nook in the bedroom.

Buttons' favorite spot as always.

Cringer loves the bed!

Daisy, meanwhile, stays vigilant in case Santa shows up early...

Peace. :)


  1. Love the new background - very festive :o)

  2. Cringer is the best haha!

  3. I have some Neat mix of some description in the cupboard that I brought home from the US, but I haven't been inclined to try it yet. I should get on that.

    1. Hope it turns out well for you, Susan! :)

  4. "The patties tasted alright with some ketchup, but I wasn't really a fan."
    That's how I felt about Neat products as well. I tried their meatballs - not great :/
    Let us know when you come up with a recipe =)
    And what cute kitties!!!

    1. Thanks so much, Kimmy! I'll definitely share the recipe if I come up with a good one! :)