Saturday, June 10, 2017

Cookies & Cream Pie (One Raw Bite)

Hi everyone! Last week I tried the Quick Cookies and Cream Coconut Pie recipe from One Raw Bite. It was so easy to make and so, so good! When Zach first saw the pie, he asked, “Where did you buy that?” I told him I’d made it, except for buying the pre-made crust; he responded that it looked really good and “artfully done,” haha! (Jennifer noted in her post that some of her family members seemed surprised she’d made it; theres definitely something special about this pie!)

Last Saturday, Zach and I went to the Chester County Pride Festival. I did this pride flag sketch after we got back...

And on Thursday, we went to the Vigil to Reunite Jonatan and Lillie. Here
s an article about it.

My sign.

Here are Buttons, Cringer, and Daisy lined up in the sunshine in the attic, or as I call it at this time of year, the sauna... 

Meanwhile, Leela had the bed all to herself...

Peace. :)


  1. Glad it worked out for you! Funny that you got the same response about it looking so fancy! XD

    Cats are crazy! Mine likes to sit on our third floor and bask in the heat as well.

    1. Thanks, Jennifer; I really enjoyed trying your recipe! :)
      Cats sure love to soak up all the warmth!

  2. It does look pretty!
    I love all the different flags.