Friday, August 11, 2017

Spinach Tomato Linguine & Garden Veggies

Hi everyone! One of our neighbors gave us some veggies he grew, so this week I’ve been enjoying them. 

I made a chocolate zucchini cake, added cucumber slices to a salad, and made one of my favorite pasta dishes (spinach tomato linguine) using the tomatoes. I have the recipe written down on an index card, but it looks like it originated from here, and I continue to modify it. This time, I left out the green onions (and obviously the feta cheese, which isn’t even on my written-down version, haha). I sautéed the frozen spinach first, in canola oil, then added the tomatoes. And finally I used garlic salt instead of both salt and garlic salt. It’s so simple, but so, so good! And the leftovers are great as well. 

I’ll definitely make this again soon because my cherry tomatoes have started to come in, and if this harvest is anything like last year’s, I’m going to have a lot of cherry tomatoes on hand soon! 

And yesterday Zach pulled up one of the carrots! 

As much as I’ve been enjoying my cucumbers, I’m glad that the cucumber harvest has started to slow down a bit. In addition to the ones pictured with the other veggies above, there were only five others I picked since my last post.


The seeds I planted for the broccoli, cauliflower, and snow peas have sprouted, but there’s no sign of the kale, yet.

Here’s another of my wolf sketches…

Look at that little face!

Sometimes when Leela naps, she’ll hold up a curled front paw as if she’s saying “YES!” I often imagine her dramatically thinking, “Victory!” (which always makes me laugh).

Peace. :)


  1. I wonder what she is dreaming of?
    I love your little wolf face! And your veggie smiles. :)

    1. Thanks, Susan! It would be really neat to know what Leela's dreams are like. :)

  2. The veggie smiles are so cute! What fun neighbor gifts to get! I love how you used them too, the pasta looks seriously delicious. I bet the zucchini cake was delicious too!

    I love your drawings and of course fur baby pics!

    1. Thanks, Sarah! I'm going to make the pasta again soon with some cherry tomatoes from my garden! :)

  3. Yum! I wish I had a garden - or a generous neighbour with one! Zucchini cake sounds great.

    1. Thanks; the zucchini cake was really good! :)