Saturday, June 27, 2015

Lunch Buffet at SuTao Cafe

No new recipe this week, but my sister Alena and I went to SuTao Cafe's lunch buffet, so that was awesome! We each got two plates, as well as grapes and pineapple for our dessert, and we were stuffed. It's so nice going to a completely vegan restaurant, and one with a buffet is even better!

My first plate (yams, vegetables, lo mein, vegetable fried rice, fried broccoli, fried banana, spring roll, vegetable dumpling)

Alena's first plate (lo mein, “steak,” vegetable dumpling, spring roll, spicy vegetables)

My second plate (vegetable fried rice, fried broccoli, broccoli, spring roll, “steak,” “Treasure Island,” tofu, chickpeas)

Alena's second plate (vegetables, chickpeas, General Tso's “chicken,” spring roll, vegetable fried rice)

As usual, everything was great; every time I go to SuTao Cafe, I can't wait to go right back!

Here's sleepy Buttons and Leela to close out tonight's post.

Peace. :)

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