Friday, July 26, 2019

Cucumber Walnut Bread (Simple Sumptuous Cooking)

Hi everyone! After harvesting a bunch of cucumbers from my garden, I decided to use the biggest one to make the cucumber walnut bread from Simple Sumptuous Cooking (I found the recipe through the cucumber recipe round-up on One Raw Bite). 

The cucumber walnut bread turned out really well, and when my mom visited, we had some of it with the chocolate mousse that she’d made for me. 


Cringer always loves to snuggle with my mom when she visits… 

bonus goofy face

Next time I post, it’ll be Vegan MoFo! My theme this time will be “Elementary, My Dear Vegan” – I’ll be veganizing food from the TV show Elementary!

Peace. :)

Friday, July 19, 2019

Bethlehem VegFest 2019

Hi everyone! Last Saturday was Bethlehem VegFest, so I have plenty of pictures to share! Upon arrival, we headed straight to the Vegan Treats stall; it was early enough that there wasn’t a line and we were able to place our orders quickly. 

(My Vegan Treats haul! The chocolate mousse cake with a “succulent” on top got a bit bumped in transit, but it was still good. Also pictured are a red velvet donut, a lemon cookie sandwich, and a cinnamon roll.)

After dropping off our goodies in a cooler in the car, we got lunch; my sister and I joined the line for Freakin’ Vegan – I got the buffalo chicken mac & cheese (as is my tradition now haha), and she got the mac & cheese with an empanada. (Zach got a grilled cheese and lemonade from Bees Knees Grill, but I didn’t manage to get a picture.) 

After lunch we went to see the pigs of Pig Placement Network, and then walked around the rest of the festival. 

Once we’d seen everything we’d come to see and made our other purchases at non-food vendors, we decided to stop at the actual Vegan Treats on the way home for some ice cream – black raspberry – which was delicious! 

And unrelated to the vegfest (but what's a post without a kitty, after all?), here’s Rogue lounging in the (empty) bathtub… 

Peace. :)

Friday, July 12, 2019

Carrot Dogs (Protest Kitchen)

Hi everyone! This week I made the carrot dogs from Protest Kitchen; the marinade was really good, and the carrots were a fun substitute for hot dogs -- and yes, thats a piece of bread for the bun; when I went out for groceries this week, the only hot dog buns in stock at the health food store had honey in them, so vegan white bread to the rescue, lol! I had the carrot dogs with Annie’s vegan mac and corn on the cob. 

For some bonus food, here’s a meal from earlier in the week that featured some of the wax beans I grew in my garden (plus the vegan chickenless tenders from Aldi and tater tots)...

And here’s Leela in her favorite summertime napping spot in the corner of the bathroom…

“Why do you disturb my slumber?”

*ignores you and goes back to sleep*

P.S. Bethlehem VegFest is tomorrow!

Peace. :)

Friday, July 5, 2019

BBQ Baked Beans & Coleslaw (Quick and Easy Vegan Celebrations)

Hi everyone! This week I made two new recipes – the BBQ baked beans and coleslaw – from the 4th of July section of Quick and Easy Vegan Celebrations by Alicia C. Simpson. I also made the chipotle macaroni & cheese salad from AfroVeganChick because people enjoyed it last year. Here’s my plate from yesterday's BBQ, which was hosted by my sister and her husband… 

Chipotle macaroni & cheese salad, coleslaw, potato salad (made by my mom), vegan burger from Aldi, and BBQ baked beans.

Here’s Daisy, making a funny face. I’m not sure what had so grabbed her attention, but I got several pics of her like this... 

Peace. :)