Saturday, November 10, 2018

Some Delicious Meals This Week

Hi everyone! I still have some frozen leftovers from Vegan Month of Food, so I’ve been trying to work through them. On Monday, I made some mac & cheese using the last of the nacho sauce from the loaded potatoes and adding some coconut bacon (leftover from the macaroni with butternut squash and avocado). It was really good! 

Then on Wednesday, my sister and I went to Sutao Cafe! We got a lot of great food; here are our first plates and soups! 

Photo by Alena

And on Thursday, I made a grilled cheese sandwich using Violife cheddar; it was so good, and it’s now my favorite vegan cheese for grilled cheese! 

Here’s Rogue being a cutie in her tunnel; she loves running through it, especially when she’s hunting her pink flamingo toy. 

She’s still playing a bit rough with Daisy (and Daisy won’t stand up to her like the others do), so we’re continuing to supervise their interactions and intervening when necessary (ex: Rogue has Daisy pinned and after a couple play bites, Daisy squeaks to be let go, but Rogue ignores her and keeps biting). Daisy seems to be genuinely interested in playing with her, so were hopeful that they will become friends once Rogue learns to respect when Daisys had enough. Rogue continues to test Cringer’s boundaries by chasing her but backs off when she hisses; the times she’s approached Cringer calmly, they’ve interacted smoothly. Leela grumbles when she sees Rogue, and Rogue seems to get the message (it probably helps that Leela is the biggest cat, haha).

Peace. :)

Friday, November 2, 2018

Baked Pumpkin Walnut Rotini (AfroVeganChick)

Hi everyone! This week I tried the baked pumpkin walnut rotini from AfroVeganChick; it turned out great, and the leftovers were wonderful, too! I used spinach instead of broccoli and added an extra ¼ cup each of pumpkin puree and soy milk (which I used instead of almond milk) in order to get the sauce ingredients to blend together in my stubborn blender, haha! 

Here’s Daisy in the sunshine with Leela… 

Peace. :)

Saturday, October 27, 2018

Pumpkin Spice Cake (Walks, Talks, & Eats)

Hi everyone! Yesterday I made the pumpkin spice cake from Walks, Talks, & Eats; it turned out great! 

Small harvest this week; my garden is pretty much done for the year… 

Here are a couple kitty-themed Inktober sketches… 

Leela’s doing much better this week; she’s transitioning onto her prescription food, and she seems to be enjoying it, hooray! Today she decided to take a nap in the cat bed and snuggled in with her favorite toy mouse! 

The other kitties don’t want to be left out, though, so here they are… 

Daisy was joined by Cringer on the loveseat for some snuggling.

Rogue did some posing during a exploration of the house while the other kitties were closed away.

Peace. :) 

Saturday, October 20, 2018

Buffalo Chickpea Salad (My cat loves Daiya!)

Hi everyone! The new recipe I tried this week was the buffalo chickpea salad from My cat loves Daiya! Normally I decrease the hot sauce in a recipe, but this time I went with the full amount, and it was perfect! 

I used some in a sandwich; it made a lovely lunch

Served with chips and pickles.

Another harvest… 

Here’s an Inktober sketch… 

This week has been a bit stressful; long story short, there were several vet visits (including an ultrasound at the emergency vet), and Leela was diagnosed with IBD. The vet wants her on prescription food to help with her digestion, but Leela’s appetite hasn’t been great and the new food is bland (kind of the point, but still), so she’s on an appetite stimulant and allowed to have additional non-prescription food for now. Knocking on wood, she’s eating better today, so I’m optimistic that things are improving. Here are some pictures of Leela from this week… 

Peace. :)