Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Freezer Food, Pretzels, and “Catifying” Updates

Hi everyone! This week I’ve been working on using up stuff that’s in the freezer; here’s the Daiya pumpkin spice cheesecake that I’d gotten back in fall and then forgotten about – I had it with some So Delicious coco whip, and it was really good! 

I also enjoyed some delicious mashed potato bowls with carrots and a chopped-up Boca turk’y burger, topped with gravy I’d frozen back in November… 

I tried the sweet & salty pretzels last week and really enjoyed them, and then I saw the gluten-free version this week when I was grocery shopping, so I’ll try these next! 

The “catification” is progressing nicely, and the kitties have seemed to enjoy testing out the changes. Here are the shelves I’d mentioned Zach had installed; I got some mats and double-sided tape at Lowe’s, so now the shelves are safer, and I moved the dog bed that Leela had sometimes slept on up to the top of Zach’s old desk that he doesn’t use anymore. (And yes, Zach added Tigger as a masthead to the longest shelf, haha!) 

I got this tablecloth at Goodwill and draped it over the shelves we use as a shoe rack, so now it’s nicer for the kitties when they want to hang out at the window. Here is Cringer modeling… 

We’ve had this cat tower for a while, but I experimented with turning it ninety degrees, and now Daisy is watching the birds more often! 

I got this new scratcher on sale at Pet Supplies Plus; the one we’d had there was a lot less sturdy and kept getting knocked over. Here’s Rogue with a nice big stretch! 

I moved this lidded plastic bin to a low window and added an old seat cushion and folded sheet for some padding… 

And last but not least, I moved this cat bed that had been Leela’s up to the top of the fridge. No one had shown any interest in it when it was on the ground, and they were ignoring it on the fridge as well, until Zach caught Cringer hanging out up there one night and managed to snap a pic for me! 

To end today’s post, here’s Daisy posing so perfectly… 

Peace. :)

Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Pizza, Fun Finds, and “Catifying”

Hi everyone! Here are the two delicious slices of pizza (funghi, sausage) that I ordered at Blackbird Pizzeria on Saturday. Zach and I shared some cheese fries, too, but I didn’t take a picture. He ordered the cheesesteak.

I found the Tofurky roasts on sale at Kimberton Whole Foods for $6.99 each, so I grabbed these two; now I’m all set for Easter and Thanksgiving this year, lol!

And I saw these pretzels at Giant; I’m bringing them to D&D tonight for a snack, so we’ll see how they are… 

I finished reading this book that my aunt had gotten me for my birthday; there were a lot of really cool ideas in it… 

Zach had already installed some shelves for the cats, so now I’m brainstorming where more can go, measuring for some nonslip mats to make the shelves safer for the kitties as they explore, and considering a tall cat tower as another way for them to get up and down from the shelves. I’d also like to get/make some sort of window ledge perch/bed for Rogue so she can fit better in the window above the kitchen sink since that’s her favorite place to watch birds.

Of course, Cringer swears she’s content with just her soft blanket by the heater… 

Peace. :)

Friday, January 3, 2020

Another Delicious Trip to Seed & Soil

Hi everyone! On Sunday, I hung out with my sister and we went to Seed & Soil for lunch. We were excited to see that there were more new items on the menu!

We each ordered a cheesesteak like last time, and then I got the mac & cheese, while she decided to try the soup. 

For a drink, I got apple cider; she got the pineapple lemonade.

Everything was fantastic, as always! I was too full to finish all of the mac, so I took home the leftovers; for lunch the next day, I added some Boca chik’n and mixed veggies… 

Here’s Rogue all curled up and sleepy… 

And here she is cuddling on top of me and sticking out her tongue ever so slightly… 

Peace. :)

Friday, December 27, 2019

Some Random Goodies + Christmas 2019

Hi everyone, I’ve finally tried the vanilla bean dessert hummus with some pretzels, and it is so good! 

I’ve also been enjoying this chocolate that Zach got for me… 

And I tried this new-to-me vegan mac; I didn’t care for the pasta on its own, but once combined with the sauce, it was delicious! 

served with onion potatoes

Two Christmas dinners again this year – we went to my parents’ first…

chicken noodle soup

Field Roast celebration roast and agave-glazed carrots by me, green beans and roasted potatoes by my mom, and corn and mac by my sister

And then we went to Zach’s family and got to meet their foster pup Tatiana; she’s such a cutie! 

pickles, salad, cornbread, ratatouille, chicken and rice, shepherd’s pie

raspberry chocolate cake for dessert

Here’s Daisy… 

Peace. :)

Friday, December 20, 2019

Lunch at Franconia Heritage Restaurant

Hi everyone, no new recipe again, but I do have an awesome lunch to share! My mom, aunt, and I took my sister to Franconia Heritage Restaurant for her birthday this week. They have a separate vegan menu, so we ordered lots of good food and were pleasantly surprised to find that the portions have increased since a previous visit in 2018. They had two vegan soups, so I ordered the creamy broccoli and carrot soup while my sister ordered the vegetable chowder. The soup arrived in an overflowing bowl, and it was incredibly delicious! 

My sister got the vegan chicken Parmesan (a breaded cutlet this time instead of Beyond Chicken strips) with fries, and I got the vegan tortellini, which was another gigantic serving, and a much better pasta-to-sauce ratio than it had been before… 

I was only able to put a small dent into that after finishing the soup (and the fries, which were an unexpected side), so I had some really nice leftovers for lunch this week! 

Here’s everything all together… 

And here’s a sleepy Cringer… 

Peace. :)