Saturday, May 28, 2016

Random Food in May

Hi everyone! Quick post today covering some of the new foods I've tried this month. First up are some goodies I got at the Vegan Pledge...

The lemon poppyseed cookie from Alternative Baking Company was amazing! 

The orange dark chocolate from Equal Exchange was really good, and I have a second bar to still enjoy, hooray! 

The sea salt drops from Bridge Street Chocolates are great; I've been taking my time to savor them, haha! 

Zach suggested trying the Daiya cheezy mac with veggies, and we both liked it; Zach already made sure to pick up another box on our last grocery trip hehe. 

I was so excited to find the breakfast patties from Lightlife, and they are awesome, definitely the best vegan breakfast sausage I've tried so far! Served with a tofu scramble & toast. 

Some new chips I've tried... The sea salt ones are good, but the salt & pepper ones are fantastic! 

Finally, I tried another roasted chickpeas recipe this week, this one from Tofu for Thought. They were great in a bowl with potatoes & veggies. 

It got pretty hot this week; while digging out a fan from the hall closet, I tossed out the old drop cloth from the last time I painted. Leela quickly made a nest in it, and growled at Buttons when she tried to crash the party!

“This is Fort Leela, no Buttons allowed.”

Peace. :)

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Rice Crispy Treats

Hi everyone! So it seems like I'm on a roll with trying out recipes from House Vegan; yesterday I made the Lemon Coconut Rice Crispy Treats. This recipe has a short ingredients list, simple steps, and is super quick to make, but most importantly, it results in a scrumptious vegan treat! 

P.S. Here's an adorable kitty cuddle-pile from a couple nights ago; I missed seeing it in person since I was already asleep, but Zach made sure to take some pictures for me! 

Daisy, Cringer, and Buttons

Peace. :)

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Bacony Roasted Chickpeas

Hi everyone! The newest recipe I've tried is the Bacony Roasted Chickpeas from House Vegan. I could go on and on about these, so let me just say, these are amazing!

Absolutely delicious!

The best!

They are great to snack on... 

A nice topping for Daiya mac and cheese... 

And the leftover marinade makes for some tasty baked carrots... 

Even Cringer recognizes how essential this recipe is; here she is, devotedly guarding it... 

Peace. :)

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Rainbow Salad with Tofu Croutons

Hello everyone! This week I tried the Eat-the-Rainbow-Everyday Salad with Tofu Croutons from Lisa's Project: Vegan. I wanted to use the whole block of tofu, instead of just ¼ of it, so I did the rest of the ingredients x4. The croutons turned out really tasty, and I think they will be a great way to encourage me to eat more salads, haha! 

Here's Leela watching the birds outside...

Peace. :)