Friday, March 27, 2015

Random Food Since January

Hello everyone! Today's post features some of the stuff I've eaten and taken pictures of, but not blogged about, since the start of the year. But never fear, I still tried a new recipe this week, in fact, two new recipes. Together, my mom and I made the tempeh piccata, as well as the black-eyed peas and cauliflower from the cookbook Chloe's Kitchen. Good stuff! 

Now let's get started looking back on some of the new food I've tried since January. First up are the vegan cheddar flavor squares from Earth Balance. These were a pretty good snack; I enjoyed them.

Next we have some potatoes and carrots, baked with some onion soup mix.

I tried the Dr. McDougall tortilla soup; it was alright, but probably not something I'll get again. 

These were a special surprise from England; super delicious and I still have two left! Sure, a brown pudding isn't very photogenic, but it tastes amazing! 

Next up is an Amy's soup (Golden Lentil) I decided to try from the health food store. I love lentils, so I had high hopes for it, but upon trying it and finding out that everything, except apparently for a bunch of fennel seeds (?), was blended together, it was a bit too weird, texture-wise. The smooth, blended lentils would have been fine; taste-wise, it was absolutely delicious... but the whole fennel seeds really messed up the otherwise smooth texture and made it tough to enjoy. 

I tried two more of the Dr. McDougall soups: Thai Peanut and Garlic Vegetable. The Thai Peanut was alright; I preferred the Garlic Vegetable soup.

Next up is a let's-use-up-some-leftovers lunch: Tortilla chips, leftover black beans, and melted Daiya cheddar. 

Valentine's Day dinner with Zach: Spaghetti, Boca chik'n patty with some Daiya mozzarella, and garlic “bread” (bagel), with sparkling cider. 

I tried two new ramen that were on sale at the health food store. The lemongrass ginger one would be perfect for when you have a cold, and the Asian vegetable one was good as well. 

The new hummus I've been having with pretzels for a snack (it's good except for the pine nuts).

And finally, grilled cheese sandwiches featuring Field Roast's Chao cheese slices (creamy original), served alongside some Amy's vegan chicken noodle soup. 

And that about wraps it up! I'll probably do another one of these posts in a few months. For now, here's Buttons & Leela hanging out. Leela got to the sunshine first, but Buttons loves her little perch, so she didn't mind. 

Peace. :)

Friday, March 20, 2015

Collard Greens

Hello everyone, and Happy Spring! My new recipe this week was the collard greens from Quick and Easy Vegan Comfort Food

I think this was my first time having collard greens, certainly my first time preparing them, but they turned out great (of course, a bit spicy for me). 

I followed the recipe except I left out the kale. In the future, I think I will use less red chili flakes. 

I had the collard greens with a Boca chik'n patty and potato salad (made with Just Mayo). Delicious!

And I enjoyed the leftover collard greens in other meals throughout the week...

with grilled cheese (Chao cheese slices, creamy original)

with tofu (veganized orange chik'n)

Buttons stole Leela's bed... 

So Leela curled up on Zach's hoodie. 

Peace. :)

Friday, March 13, 2015

Thai Peanut Sauce

This week's new recipe was the Thai peanut sauce from Quick and Easy Vegan Comfort Food

I decided to try this one because my normal “peanut sauce” is just peanut butter, soy sauce (well, Bragg liquid aminos), and water, so nothing too exciting or fancy.

Overall, this was an easy recipe to put together, except for mixing the peanut butter in with everything else (the sauce still had some lumps). Note: I left out the vegetable stock and sriracha. 

I tried the sauce in a wrap of rice, broccoli, and carrots. The sauce was good, but I think a little too thin for my liking, so if I make it again, I might adjust the amount of coconut milk and/or leave out the water. And I think I'll try heating the sauce next time, which should help the peanut butter mix together more easily. 

But until then, I have a bunch of Thai peanut sauce to use up, and the next dish I tried it in was whole wheat spaghetti with green beans and some crushed red pepper flakes.

Here's Buttons & Leela sharing the sunshine.

Peace. :)

Friday, March 6, 2015

Teriyaki Rice Bowl

The new recipe I tried this week was the teriyaki rice bowl from Quick and Easy Vegan Comfort Food

The only change I made with the teriyaki sauce was to use rice vinegar instead of mirin, and to mix the green onions in the sauce before adding the sauce to the bowls.

The jasmine rice cooked a lot faster than brown rice, so that made the meal preparation quicker than for the veganized orange chik'n bowl. Plus, I had my sister as an assistant so that made everything go even smoother! 

The verdict: Good & filling. The recipe says it makes two rice bowls, but it actually makes three; we had an extra serving of rice & veggies left over after making our bowls, as well as plenty of teriyaki sauce. 

Here's Buttons and Leela; Leela in the cat tent, and Buttons in the sun. 

Peace. :)