Saturday, August 27, 2016

Grilled Peach & Tempeh Kebabs

Hello everyone! The new recipe I tried this week was the Grilled Peach & Tempeh Kebabs with Peach Barbecue Glaze from the July/August VegNews magazine. I used my panini press/grill; it worked well. This recipe was really fun, a bit messy, but definitely delicious. (A couple of the tempeh pieces split when I skewered them, but they managed to hang on long enough to get grilled.) 

Here's Cringer being a cutie, napping on my desk...

Peace. :)

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Bethlehem Vegfest 2016

Hi everyone! Today was the Bethlehem Vegfest, and it was lots of fun, though really hot! We had a nice group this year: me, Zach, Zach's brother Ben, my sister Alena, and Alena's boyfriend Alex. When we first got there, we did a loop through the vendors to scope everything out (it definitely seemed like there were fewer vendors compared to past years), and then decided it was time for food. At Freakin' Vegan, I got mac & cheese and a broccoli & cheddar empanada. The mac & cheese was the best (I'd gotten it last year, too!) and the empanada was good, though the broccoli was a bit overcooked/soft for my liking.

my view from where we sat under a tree to eat lunch :)

At the Grape Cat stall I bought this cute Herbivore shirt and got a free little button.

After that, we got free samples of veggie chips; this year they had a new sriracha variety. Next stop was the Franklin Hill Vineyards stall, where I tried a sample of the Crush (pomegranate peach) wine; it was really good, so Zach & I bought a bottle of that, as well as a bottle of the Fainting Goat wine (the one I liked last time). 

After that, we got in (the long, long!) line for Vegan Treats, where I eventually got a peanut butter cup brownie and a chocolate peanut butter drizzle donut to bring home.

Then I got a strawberry lemonade ice pop from Mompops, and we visited the pigs from the Pig Placement Network and the beagles from the Beagle Freedom Project one last time. On the way back to the car, someone from Beyond Juice mentioned that they were giving out free samples, and since the store was right across from where we'd parked, we stopped in. They made a fresh "yellow juice" (carrots, orange, pineapple, and apple) for us; I'm not big on juices, but I was pleasantly surprised by how good it was!

happy little vegan, post-vegfest :)

For the cute cat pic of today's post, here's Blu, Alena's kitty. She just had surgery yesterday to remove a few teeth that were causing her pain, and she's already bounced back; she was chirping and rolling around on the floor like her silly little self when we stopped by after the vegfest!

This was the only picture I could get of her standing still, all the rest turned out super blurry, haha!

Peace. :)

Friday, August 12, 2016

Dill Pickle French Fries

Hello everyone! The new recipe I tried this week was the Dill Pickle French Fries from One Green Planet. I halved the recipe and used canola oil (instead of grapeseed) and dried dill (instead of fresh). The fries turned out great and were super tasty, so hooray for another yummy recipe!

Served with roasted broccoli and carrots, and garden cucumber on the side.

Last week's post included a picture of Cringer in the cat tower, so this week, here's Buttons. Instead of keeping watch, she prefers to curl up and hunker down for a nap, so when you pass through the room and hear loud snoring, look to the very top of the cat tower and you'll see her there being a muffin kitty (a variation of loaf kitty).

Peace. :)

Saturday, August 6, 2016

Meals with Garden Veggies

Hello everyone! My garden's coming along pretty well so far -- I've already harvested some radishes, a cucumber, kale, and lots of snow peas!

On Monday, I had a harvest dinner which included some roasted snow peas and radishes (as well as leftover biscuits and Boca chik'n)...

...And tonight, I chopped up a bit of the cucumber and cooked the kale using the collard greens recipe from Quick and Easy Vegan Comfort Food. (As you can see, I wasted no time in making the cheddar cheesy garlic biscuits again hehe.)

If you have a garden, how's it going? If you're planning a garden, what do you hope to grow?

Here's Cringer at the top of the cat tower...

Peace. :)