Friday, July 27, 2018

Squash Casserole, Tofu Scramble, Bagels, and More

Hi everyone! I tried two new recipes this week and lots of other good food as well. First up was the squash casserole from Vegan Crunk; I made it on the stovetop and mixed in crushed Ritz crackers instead of topping with breadcrumbs and baking it. It turned out really well – I used two big yellow crookneck squashes from my garden – and the leftovers were awesome, too. I had it with a vegan chickenless patty from Aldi, which was really good. 

On Tuesday, my sister Alena visited and we did a lot of cooking together, including the second new recipe, which was the herbivore’s tofu scramble from Eat Like You Give a Damn. It was super simple and quite tasty, paired with a hashbrown (also from Aldi). 

We also made nachos with Tostitos scoops and Daiya pepperjack shreds for a snack (not pictured), and then we dug out my bread machine to make bagels, which turned out quite nicely due to Alena’s bagel-forming skills! 

Dinner was a bagel with pasta.

Yesterday I threw together a random lunch because I’d harvested more corn and wanted to have some; it was great! 

Hashbrown, black bean burger, corn, and carrot sticks with Daiya ranch.

And I also tried these blackberry sorbet bars that Zach picked out; he said he had to get them because of the name…


Here are a couple fruit sketches I did this week…

gooseberries (original photo)

ground cherry (original photo)

And here’s Leela with her toy mice in the background…

P.S. The themes & prompts have been announced for this year's Vegan Month of Food (Vegan MoFo), which will be taking place in September, and sign-ups are open until August 24. I haven't decided what specifically I'm going to do (I'm debating the idea of creating my own theme this year), but I know I'll be participating -- will you?

Peace. :)

Saturday, July 21, 2018

Bethlehem VegFest, Vegan Treats, and More

Hi everyone! Bethlehem VegFest took place on July 14; I was totally out of the loop and only found out the night before. With such late notice and plans later that day, I figured I’d skip this year, but Zach made sure we got there on Saturday for a bit. For lunch, I had the buffalo chick’n mac & cheese from Freakin’ Vegan – there was a long line but it was definitely worth the wait – and Zach had a grilled cheese & pineapple guava lemonade. 

Then we picked up some desserts at Vegan Treats; I got the triple berry cheesecake and Zach chose the s’mores cheesecake. 

In other news, I harvested my first ears of corn on Sunday!

And then on Wednesday, after we made a delicious batch of lemon spinach pasta, my sister Alena gave me the grand tour of the new Aldi near her, so of course I grabbed some fun vegan stuff – hashbrowns, two types of meatballs, and chicken patties. 

I also sketched some more fruit…

nectarine (original photo)

pear (original photo)

And here's Cringer; she takes the most dramatic cat naps... 

Peace. :)

Friday, July 13, 2018

Lazy Lemon Spinach Pasta (Unhealthy Vegan)

Hi everyone! This week I made the Lazy Lemon Spinach Pasta from Unhealthy Vegan. I used 3 tablespoons lemon juice instead of the lemon slices; it turned out really well, and the leftovers were great, too! 

Back on the 6th, I had a big harvest, which included my first yellow crookneck squash! 

I’ve been sketching some more fruits…

raspberries (original photo)

watermelon (original photo)

blackberries (original photo)

And here’s Daisy in the sunshine… 

Peace. :)

Thursday, July 5, 2018

Golden Wax Beans and Fruffalo Wings

Hi everyone! The new recipe I tried this week was perfect for all the golden wax beans I’ve been harvesting. It’s really good and super simple to make (instead of the butter, I used Earth Balance to veganize it), and it went perfectly with the spicy “Fruffalo” wings from Field Roast that I found on sale. I’m definitely going to use this recipe again! 

In garden news, I finally started harvesting cucumbers and blueberries (in addition to the snow peas and golden wax beans)… 

Here’s my last flower sketch… 

purple coneflower (original photo)

I’ve switched to fruits now…

strawberry (original photo)

highbush blueberries (original photo)

And here’s Leela; she enjoys hanging out on the crinkly packing paper… 

Peace. :)