Saturday, February 24, 2018

February MiniMoFo: Food is Love

Hi everyone! February’s MiniMoFo theme is “Food is Love,” so I have two similar dishes here. The first is what I made for a quick Valentine’s Day dinner for me & Zach. He skipped the peas & carrots and only had the Gardein porkless bites and the white rice.

more veggies for me = love

The other dish I thought I’d include here is one of my favorites that I’ve mentioned countless times – the veganized orange chik’n from Quick and Easy Vegan Comfort Food. I love this recipe, but every time I make it, I try to do something different to make it a little more mine, so I added some turmeric to the sauce when I made it earlier this week.

orange tofu = love

leftovers = love

In other news, our ancient furnace died this week, and we were thankfully able to get it replaced yesterday. But we had a chilly Thursday night; here are where the kitties had settled in as I was getting ready for bed…   

Cringer still wanted to sleep downstairs like she usually does, so I tucked her in with Buttons’ favorite blanket.

Upstairs, Leela was already in the bedroom, hanging out close to the space heater that Zach had moved in.

And Daisy had curled up tightly on her folded comforter nest.

Peace. :)

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Creamy Vegan Celery Soup (My Blissful Journey)

Hi everyone! The new recipe I tried this week was the creamy vegan celery soup from My Blissful Journey; it was really good! 

Here are the sleepy kitties…




Peace. :)

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Burgers from iCreate Cafe

Hi everyone! On Thursday, my sister and I ventured out to iCreate Cafe in Pottstown for lunch. We decided to go with burgers – I got the black bean burger and she got the Beyond Meat burger. 

Beyond Meat burger (photo by Alena)

black bean burger

They were a bit messy to eat, but they were really good and filling! Next time we’re hoping to try the cheesesteak, which is an off-menu item.

Here are the kitties sharing the sunshine… 

Peace. :)

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Vegan Bacon Cheese Dip (House Vegan)

Hi everyone! This week I tried a new recipe from House Vegan – Vegan Bacon Cheese Dip – and it was really good! (I made it without the bread bowl and the scallions and didn’t add any salt.) I had it first as a dip for tortilla chips…

And then used some of it in mac & cheese (with peas & carrots)…

 Here are the kitties!

Daisy hanging out in the empty laundry bin

Cringer at the top of the tall cat tower

Leela on the bed
 Peace. :)