Saturday, January 30, 2016

New Food in January

Hello everyone! January seemed to fly by pretty quickly, so I figured I would do a post with some of the fun new foods I've tried this month.

First up are two Amy's products... The Indian samosa wrap was good, but I much preferred the bean & rice burrito.

Next we have some fancy vegan cheeses. My brother-in-law Ben suggested we try a Miyoko's cheese when he visited me and Zach, so we stopped by the health food store and decided on the double cream garlic herb. We had it with crackers, and it was absolutely amazing! I also tried it as a spread on a toasted bagel, and I didn't even need to use that much of it. Yum all around. 

So, needless to say, now Zach and I want to try all the fancy vegan cheeses haha! The next one was the Treeline herb-garlic flavor, for comparison purposes. Overall, we much preferred Miyoko's, but I did appreciate that this Treeline one came in a plastic container with a lid (less mess, more convenient) instead of a packet that had to be cut open. 

And now, last but not least, two new Gardein items that I tried... I really liked the turk'y cutlets, especially since they came with gravy; they were perfect with mashed potatoes.

The pocket meal, on the other hand, wasn't that great (but it was buy one, get one free so I'm not complaining too much). I guess it just seemed odd that the outer layer was breaded chick'n, like that's not really how I would picture a “pocket meal” haha. The filling was good, though. 

Peace. :)

Saturday, January 23, 2016

General Tso's Vegan Chik'n

Hello everyone! We've gotten 24 inches of snow so far, and it's still coming down, but the blizzard should be wrapping up soon! The new recipe I tried earlier this week, thanks to a recommendation from My cat loves Daiya!, was General Tso's Vegan Chik'n from Raw Till Whenever. 

In making this new recipe, I finally tried sriracha, as well as hoisin sauce, so that was exciting. Apart from the pieces getting a bit burnt in spots, everything turned out perfectly; this is definitely a recipe I will make again, no doubt about it!

Peace. :)

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Vegan Chicken Chow Mein

Hello everyone! This week's new dish was thanks to the second stir fry sauce that my mom got me.

Lightlife chick'n strips, sliced onions and shiitake mushrooms, linguine, and sauce (I left out the bean sprouts)

This was a mild sauce, and after trying the Szechuan pepper one last week, almost too mild. I feel like a sauce somewhere in between the two would be ideal, but both were still good.

Here are some photos of resting kitties...

Cringer and Daisy



Peace. :)

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Szechuan Pepper Stir Fry

Hello everyone! This week I tried a Szechuan pepper stir fry sauce that my mom found for me. 

I followed the suggested recipe on the back of the packet (substituting in Lightlife chick'n strips, of course). It was quick and easy to prepare, and I served it with whole wheat linguine. While super spicy, it was actually quite the delicious dish. 

And here are pictures of the kitties sharing the sunshine...

Cringer and Daisy

Buttons and Leela

Peace. :)