Monday, August 31, 2015

Summer Sketches

So I realize I haven't posted any sketches on here in a while, but I've sketched daily for the months of June, July, and August, and I'm happy to see the progress I've made.

In June, I was doing sketches with an ultra fine point sharpie...

In July, I continued sketching and started adding color with pastels...

By the end of July, I'd started using a fine point sharpie...

And here are some of my favorite August sketches (reference photos are linked beneath each sketch)...

See you tomorrow for the Vegan Month of Food!

Peace. :)

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Random Food Post (August)

Time for another random food post! Here's some new stuff I've tried since the end of June...

Apple Pie Muffin Cookie with Raisins from Alternative Baking Company. Absolutely delicious! 

I made a lemon ginger sauce for some Gardein chicken; it was really good.

I tried the sweet potato tortilla chips from Food Should Taste Good, and they did indeed taste good.

I finally cleaned out the bread machine and used it to make bagels. The dough was so sticky and I was rushing, and so the bagels came out a bit... oddly shaped... but they still tasted good. 

I made the pizza rolls from Bake Eat Love & they were delicious! 

I used Yves veggie ground in a simple but filling pasta dish.

Alena and I took another trip to SuTao Cafe's lunch buffet to celebrate the end of her first clinical internship. We made sure to eat our fill & even remembered to try one of the soups (miso). 

Alena's first plate

My first plate

My miso soup

Alena's second plate

My second plate

Alena's third plate

I got a bunch of cool food stuff from a Vegan Essentials order, and the first thing I wanted to try was the Daiya mac & cheese. Unfortunately, I wasn't that pleased with it. It just had a weird taste (and aftertaste) to me. It was a bit better heated up as leftovers the next day, but it's not something I'll get again. 

Vegan Essentials order


And here's a lovely heated-up-in-the-microwave-even-though-the-box-says-not-to Tofutti pizza with diced Tofurky pepperoni added on top. (I had this when the oven was out of commission; thankfully it's fixed now!) 

Here's a photo set of Buttons, being very startled and confused by the sounds of the bread machine... 

"What is happening?!"

...And here are some pics I took of Leela the time she decided to climb into the (dry) tub to explore and make her silly "ah'oo" sound. 


P.S. The Vegan Month of Food (Vegan MoFo) starts on September 1! I'm still figuring out what to do for some of the daily prompts, but I have ideas for most of them. Before the daily prompts were announced, I'd been planning to do another week of The Veganlist (veganized food from The Blacklist), among other weekly themes like last year. After learning of the prompts, I managed to fit The Veganlist into the week when The Blacklist's third season was going to return, and then NBC pushed the premier back a week to October 1. So, I decided to scrap the idea of a Veganlist week; instead I plan to do Veganlist days throughout the month whenever they are applicable. Day 1 of Vegan MoFo (breakfast prompt) will be one such Veganlist day, so get excited!

Peace. :)