Monday, October 8, 2012

Ramen with Vegetables

Hello everyone; it's the 8th day (and the start of the second week) of the Vegan Month of Food!  Today for lunch, Zach and I ate at Red Robin in between looking at apartments.  I got the vegan Boca burger, with lettuce, onions, tomatoes, and pickles, on the whole grain bun, with fries (sadly, I didn't get a photo).  It was very good and filling, and it's definitely nice to have vegan options at such restaurants.  Today's post is a simple one; I wanted to try to make the ramen noodles a bit healthier, so why not add some vegetables?

Ramen with Vegetables

--1 packet of Nissin Top Ramen (Oriental flavor)*
*(I halved the noodles & flavoring since a full packet is 2 servings.)

Cook the ramen according to package directions (I always add the flavoring at the very end, right before serving).  Slice up and add carrots and celery (and/or any other vegetables that you would like).  Nice and simple (and much more colorful than regular ramen).

I've gotten to spend some more time with my Uncle Mark since he and my dad got back from the camping trip--last night I gathered together four different vegan baked goods recipes for him (banana bread, chocolate cake, chocolate chip and oatmeal cookies, and lemon cookies) that he plans to try out.  He also taste-tested the vegan brownies (post about them coming soon) that I'd baked the other day, and we talked about egg replacers such as my favorite--applesauce!--as well as the EnerG Egg Replacer.  Tonight, I got together some writing prompts for him and helped to figure out his recording device, so that was fun since I always love a challenge like that.  He'll be heading home late tonight/early tomorrow morning, but it was really nice having him visit.

Peace.  :)

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