Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Recipe: Squash & Orzo

Hello, everyone!  It's the third day of the Vegan Month of Food (Vegan MoFo), and today I have another simple recipe for you.  Squash always makes me think of fall, so what better vegetable to cook with during October?

Squash & Orzo

--yellow squash
--green squash
--1/4 cup orzo
--1 cup vegetable broth
--vegetable flakes (my mix contains potatoes, onions, carrots, red and green bell peppers, celery, and parsley)
--garlic salt (optional; I've been using it to spice up the vegetable broth that I'm finishing up as it is rather plain)

Bring vegetable broth to a boil, add orzo, and lower heat.  Chop up the squash and add to the mix.  Add some vegetable flakes and garlic salt if desired.  When it's ready, serve with crackers and enjoy!

Coming soon to a blog near you (this one, in fact)--I finally looked around online for some ideas for my avocados, and I made myself some guacamole today, so I'll write about that soon.

"Still haven't dug out those cookbooks yet, though, hmm?"
Peace.  :)


  1. This looks great! I agree this time of year cries for squash to be cooked. Now if it would only cool down here it would be perfect.

    1. Thanks, omgoshimvegan! I'm definitely planning to do more squash recipes!