Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Turkey Sponsorships

Hello everyone! I just wanted to talk a bit about two very special turkeys, Petunia and Tibbott.

This Thanksgiving, Zach and I decided to start a new tradition by sponsoring a turkey at Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary, which we visited over the summer for their July Jamboree. We chose to sponsor Petunia. Here's her photo and a bit of her story from the sponsorship e-card we received, which described her as "cute, inquisitive and sensitive."


"When Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary received a call that a turkey was running in the streets of Queens, we immediately dispatched one of our amazing volunteers, Dawn Ladd, to the rescue. Dawn found out from neighbors that a local man had bought the turkey as a Thanksgiving joke for his family, but when the holiday was over, they kicked her out into the streets to fend for herself. Dawn found Petunia terrified and running between cars, being taunted by neighborhood children who did not understand the little bird was in great distress and very fearful. Dawn, who is an expert at rescuing and gently capturing birds who need help, brought Petunia to safety here at the Sanctuary, where she is cared for, loved, and gets to have the comfort of other rescued turkey friends."

Additionally, for my birthday, my parents surprised me by sponsoring a turkey on my behalf. His name is Tibbott, and he is very colorful and handsome.


He lives at Farm Sanctuary's Northern California Shelter, and was "rescued from a feed store, where he was going to be sold for snake food." He is "outgoing and friendly; likes people," and his favorite foods are "lettuce and grapes" ( You can find his story online here.

Have you ever sponsored a turkey or another animal at a sanctuary?

"Why did you put my picture here? I am not a turkey."

Peace. :)


  1. I can't believe the trouble that poor Petunia went through before she made it to Woodstock Farm. That someone thinks a living creature would make a good gag gift is ridiculous!! But I'm glad that both Petunia and Tibbott are safe now. And that they have a great sponsor! It's awesome that you sponsor! I never have before, but maybe this holiday season I'll start :)

    1. I know; reading her story made me so frustrated that she had to go through all that, but so grateful that she is finally safe! :)