Saturday, April 16, 2016

Blackbird Pizzeria and Vegan Tree

Hello everyone! Today Zach and I visited my sister Alena in Philly, and it was a lot of fun! We went to Blackbird Pizzeria for lunch, ordering a large pizza (half pepperoni, half plain) to share. The pepperoni (made with seitan) was great, and Zach enjoyed the plain pizza. 

Alena also got a cheesesteak (Blackbird Pizzeria won this year's Best Vegan Cheesesteak in Philly contest)... 

...and Zach got a side of fries (not pictured, but they were good; I made sure to grab some hehe).

After that, we walked along South Street, checking out a comic book store, and then heading over to my favorite bookstore -- Wooden Shoe Books -- but it was closed for the day.

Alena had recommended that I try the banana strawberry smoothie at Vegan Tree, so she and I each got one, and it was amazing (a bit messy because it got overfilled and then a lid squished on, but absolutely delicious and well worth the sticky fingers haha). Here's a pic of Alena's, almost finished... 

And here's some nice art we saw on our walk... 

P.S. I got to see this cutie, the sweet little Blu!

Peace. :)


  1. Holy crap that pizza looks good! Super thick crust just like I like :D

    1. Yes, it was a perfect crust; super delicious! :)

  2. I really want to visit Philly one day, and I have heard so many good things about Blackbird. That pizza looks great.

  3. *drools* I love Blackbird. In fact it really prevents me from actually going to some of the other vegan places like Vegan Tree XD

    1. Yep, there are lots of vegan places I still want to try in Philly, but my sister and I keep feeling drawn back to Blackbird every time I visit, haha! :)