Thursday, July 21, 2016

Halfway There: GoFundMe for My cat loves Daiya!

Hello everyone! Last night I made the salted triple-chip cookies from the June 2016 issue of VegNews. 

Overall, it's a good recipe; the cookies are delicious! My only gripe with how the recipe is written is that it tells you to preheat the oven as the very first step, and then in the end of step 3, to chill the dough for 30 minutes! It's a bit silly to have the oven on for that long when it's not being used, especially in the summer, so I only started the oven when I took the dough out of the fridge. 

In awesome news, Hillary's GoFundMe has already hit the halfway point! Woo-hoo! :D Please keep spreading the word, and be sure to donate if you can! And check out her blog if you haven't already; she's been introducing readers to each of her cats, and they're all so sweet! So far, we've met Stevie, Afro, and Etta!

Peace. :)


  1. That's way too much preheating! I've never heard a recipe for chilled cookie dough ask for the oven to be on for that long.

    1. Yeah, I'm guessing it was a mistake, like maybe it was instinctively written as the first step like most (quicker) recipes tend to have it? It was a good reminder to always read recipes thoroughly before starting, haha!