Saturday, October 15, 2016

MiniMoFo #3: Welcoming Fall

Hello everyone! For the third MiniMoFo challenge, I made Coconut Pumpkin Bread, another recipe from House Vegan: Fall FoMo No More. It turned out really well; coconut and pumpkin are such a perfect combination! This is sure to become a traditional fall recipe for me!

I realized the other day that I haven't shared any of my sketches here recently, so here's the fall-themed art I did on Tuesday night when I went out with Zach and some of his soccer friends. The "tablecloths" were brown paper and they provided colored pencils in a jar on the table, so I decided to art the night away...





And now for some major cuteness...

As fall settles in and the nights grow colder, cuddles are certainly called for, so Cringer has been diligently working on softening Buttons up to the idea. One night she was bold and pressed her nose into Buttons' side, but that didn't last long (I tried to get a picture but Buttons moved before I could). So, on Wednesday night, Cringer settled for just resting her head on the corner of the purple blanket...

...but by Thursday night, something clicked, and they finally they settled in, side by side!

Daisy, on the other paw, works on getting close to Leela during the day. This endeavor is going to be more of a challenge because Leela really only likes to cuddle humans, not fellow kitties. But Daisy can be patient...

P.S. Less than one week left to sign up for Vegan MoFo! I signed up last night; have you?

Peace. :)


  1. I've never thought of coconut and pumpkin together! That is definitely some major cuteness! I'm so glad Cringer got her cuddles!! Hopefully Daisy's patience pays off!

    1. I never would have thought of that combination either! I know; I've been cheering Cringer on every night, haha! And yes, fingers crossed for Daisy; if it doesn't work out with Leela, she at least has a cuddle buddy in Cringer! :)

  2. Such cute kitty snuggles!
    I like your drawings too, they are really pretty.

  3. The cooler weather is so nice! Oh except this random heatwave that snuck in. Boo.

    I signed up for Vegan MOFO! Very excited.

    1. As random as it was, I actually found myself grateful for the heatwave, one last chance to wish summer farewell! The cold weather is definitely back now, and it's been super windy here today!
      And yay for MoFo; I'm excited for your posts! :D