Saturday, April 8, 2017

Soft Pretzels & Dip (Cook Eat Delicious! & KZCAKES)

Hi everyone! This week I made soft pretzels using this Cook Eat Delicious! recipe; they turned out great! I also made KZCAKES’ “perfect dip” (yellow mustard, sriracha, and agave), which went really well with the pretzels!

Oh, and of course I’ve already made another tater tot casserole! In a pie dish, I mixed together half a bag of tater tots; 1 can corn & 1 can black beans (both drained & rinsed); and 1 can fire-roasted crushed tomatoes, which I did not drain. Then I sprinkled on some Daiya cheddar shreds and baked it at 425°F for 45 minutes. The top got all nice & crispy, while the bottom stayed soft. It was really good!

Here’s Cringer being a cutie. She’s resting next to Leela’s mouse, and then she gives the toy a few curious sniffs. She looks like a little kitten when she tilts her head down!

In other news, Sunday’s rally went really well! I arrived early with the other volunteers and handed out more flyers before it started. A good-sized crowd showed up, including families with kids. There were some people with drums, which was fun, and lots of people held signs. A few people even brought their dogs. The rally progressed through several speakers (in both English and Spanish), including the mayor and local organizers and activists. After it ended, most people stayed for a bit to talk in smaller groups. You can read an article about the rally here. The next big event will be the May 1 march & rally for Un Día Sin Inmigrantes (A Day Without Immigrants).

Peace. :)


  1. Cringer does look like a little kitten!

    I love potato gems (aka tater tots) in all their forms. They are so comforting.

    1. I always think of how you call them "potato gems" when I have tater tots; it's such a fun name for them! :D

  2. Those pretzels look delicious, and the dip sounds amazing. I think I need to make that dip for some oven fries! The tater tot casserole looks amazing too!!
    Cringer really does look like a kitten, what a cutie!
    I'm so glad you had a positive rally. It's really heartwarming that as much hate as the White House churns out, people are fighting it with love and support.

    1. Thanks! That sounds like a good idea to use the dip for oven fries; I'll have to try that sometime! :)