Thursday, July 23, 2015

Chick'n Stromboli

This week, inspired by another bookmarked recipe, the Vegan Ham Cheese Stromboli at Veganopoulous, I decided to make stromboli with my sister. 

Unable to find vegan ham slices, I decided we'd try a chick'n stromboli, using the chick'n strips from Lightlife. 

I cooked the chick'n strips, seasoning them with some parsley and rosemary. Then we rolled out the dough, splitting it in half, and layered on spaghetti sauce, chick'n, Daiya cheddar and Follow Your Heart mozzarella. 

After that, we rolled up the dough, sealed the ends, cut slits along the top, and sprinkled on a bit of garlic salt. We then baked them at 400°F for 11 minutes.

They were delicious! I definitely want to experiment with different fillings for the stromboli, especially if I can find some vegan ham slices, but this was a pretty good version to try first! 

Here's Buttons being cute and sleepy...

...And Leela being silly with her lower half sticking out from under the bed (whenever she does this, it makes me think of The Wizard of Oz, with the Wicked Witch of the East's legs sticking out from under the house).

Peace. :)


  1. That looks delicious! I don't roll things into dough, and then bake them often enough. Truly, it should be done more regularly.

    1. Thanks, Hannah! And I absolutely agree; things should definitely be rolled into dough more often, haha! :)