Friday, August 18, 2017

Harvests and More

Hi everyone! This week has been a bit chaotic with getting some house repairs done, but I’ve still managed to cook some good meals, prepare more pickles, and harvest more veggies... 

Over the weekend, our neighbor gave us a bag of tomatoes from his garden, so I made another big batch of the spinach tomato linguine

And then on Wednesday night, I made one of my favorite recipes, the veganized orange chik’n from Quick and Easy Vegan Comfort Food, because I had some tofu I needed to use up. 

On Thursday, I made two jars of pickles and steamed some snow peas (store-bought due to the bunnies eating my snow pea sprouts) to add to the veganized orange
chik’n leftovers, which made it even better! 

And then I harvested all of my carrots; they turned out a bit short and chubby, so I think I need to dig even deeper next year when I’m preparing the soil for them. So, these 13, plus the one that Zach pulled earlier, for a total of 14 carrots. And of course the cherry tomatoes keep coming... 

Today I made a final jar of pickles with the last of the harvested cucumbers. I’ve pulled up all my cucumber plants since they were dying, so my grand total for cucumbers this year was 95!

Here’s a sunshine-y Cringer… 

P.S. Tonight I went to a solidarity with Charlottesville rally here in Phoenixville; there was an incredible turnout. I made this sign for it... 

Peace. :)


  1. I remember being told that carrots are grown in really sandy soil commercially so they grow nice and long? I wish you could talk directly to my CSA owner Jeff, I am sure he would fill you in on lots of awesome tips.

    1. That makes sense about the sandy soil; I'll have to look into it more for next year! Thanks for the tip! :)