Saturday, December 26, 2015

Christmas 2015

Hello everyone & happy holidays! We had a great Christmas yesterday, very nice & relaxing. We visited Zach's family in the morning, and his mom made crescent rolls with vegan butter & cinnamon, which was an awesome combination, as well as onion soup potatoes! One of my gifts from Zach's family was a donation to Skylands Animal Sanctuary & Rescue, so that was neat!

Next we headed to my parents' house. Alena made vegan chicken noodle soup, which was so good! 

For the main meal, we had corn & mac (also made by Alena); carrots and a Field Roast celebration roast with a baste of olive oil, orange juice, brown sugar, and cinnamon (by me); and roasted potatoes (made by my mom). 

For dessert, we had apple pie (also made by my mom) and cinnamon apple chamomile tea (from my aunt). 

And after dessert, we headed home to spend the rest of Christmas with the kitties.

P.S. Earlier this week, Zach & I tried out the mint chocolate coconut milk by So Delicious. It was absolutely amazing & will definitely become a traditional holiday drink for us! 

Peace. :)


  1. Hope you had a great Christmas, sounds like some yummy food. :)

    1. Thanks, Susan! I hope you had a great Christmas as well! :D

  2. Zach's family sounds awesome - vegan crescent rolls? And a donation to a sanctuary? They are so thoughtful =)
    What a great holiday meal! Sounds and looks delicious!
    And that chocolate mint drink is the bomb =)

    1. Thanks, Kimmy! His family is awesome indeed! I hope you had a wonderful holiday and are having a happy new year! :)