Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Grilled Cheese

Hello on the 17th day of the Vegan Month of Food! Today for Nostalgia Week, I decided to post about a wonderfully nostalgic lunch.

Grilled Cheese

--two slices of bread
--two slices of Daiya cheddar
--vegan butter (Earth Balance)

Butter a side of one of the bread slices; place it butter-down in a heated pan (medium heat). Add the slices of Daiya on top (optional: I sometimes add a sprinkle of garlic salt atop the cheese), as well as the second slice of bread, also buttered, butter-up. Press and flip with spatula, repeating until both sides are nicely browned and the cheese is melty. Slice and serve with potato chips and an apple.

My mom always made the best grilled cheese sandwiches, nice and melty-cheesy, the edges crispy but not burnt, the bread with a perfect amount of saltiness from the butter (she also likes to add tomato slices to hers, but always left them off ours since we preferred them plain). I know it's simple, but grilled cheese always makes me feel nostalgic, and I'm glad it's something I can so easily make vegan. 

I've also finished off the last of my leftovers from my Shiitake Bacon and Tofu Scramble; I made hash browns to go along with it today (quartered a potato, boiled it, grated it, and pan-fried it with a bit of olive oil, adding some salt and pepper).

In other news, today is Occupy Wall Street's second anniversary.

Mystery, for her part, loves to occupy strategic areas throughout the apartment, namely doorways and the hallway in front of the kitchen, in order to keep an eye on us, particularly around mealtimes. She plans her occupations so that she can easily intercept us when we walk past, reminding us that it's time for her to be fed (sometimes she starts occupying when there's still an hour or two before a meal).

Here's a picture I took of Mystery during an #OccupyHallway action.


Peace. :)


  1. how did you like the daiya slices? would you recommend giving them a shot? your grilled cheese looks perfectly melted :)

    1. I really like the cheddar Daiya slices; as you can see, they melt really well. I'd definitely recommend trying them out. :)
      Other than the cheddar, though, I've only tried the Swiss cheese flavor, which I wasn't a fan of. (But then again, I never really enjoyed actual Swiss cheese before I was vegan, so maybe it's not bad for a Swiss flavor?)

    2. Awesome, thanks! I'm definitely going to buy the cheddar slices and try them out in a grilled cheese