Thursday, September 26, 2013

Tom's Chicky-Chicky Parm-Parm

Hello on the 26th day of the Vegan Month of Food, and the fifth day of my Parks and Recreation theme week!

Tom's Chicky-Chicky Parm-Parm

In "Soulmates" (season 3, episode 10), Ann helps Leslie sign up for online dating; when Leslie is matched up with Tom, she is surprised and confused. She decides to take him out on a date to get to know him better and to see if she can figure out why the dating site put them together. When Leslie asks him to lunch, Tom asks if he can order "apps" and "zerts," and then goes into an explanation of his unique names for things.

So, from that list, I chose to make a vegan version of "chicky-chicky parm-parm" with "long-ass rice."

--tomato sauce
--2 servings spaghetti (I used angel hair)
--vegan cheese sauce*

*To prepare the cheese sauce, see the ingredients and recipe on Vegans Eat Yummy Food, Too! (It's perfect that today is "Thankful Thursday," because I am certainly thankful for discovering this quick and easy recipe! Thanks, Sandy!) Note: I didn't need as much, so I only made 1/4 of the cheese sauce that her recipe makes.

Place the two chick'n "breasts" in a baking dish, add some tomato sauce on top of the chick'n, then add the cheese sauce. Bake in the pre-heated oven at 375°F for 20 minutes. Cook the spaghetti, drain, return to pot and pour in the sauce packets from the Gardein, stir and simmer on low for 5 minutes. Serve and enjoy your chicky-chicky parm-parm and long-ass rice! All in all, it turned out pretty good, and it was fun to use a new recipe from a fellow blogger.

Bonus quotes from the episode:

Leslie: How did you and I get matched up?
Tom: I made 26 profiles, each designed to attract a different kind of girl. Tom A. Haverford, sporty and sexy. Tom B. Haverford, smooth and soulful. Which letter did you get?
Leslie: "N." Tom N. Haverford.
Tom: (laughs) The "N" stands for "nerd." I never even check that one because no one ever responds to it.
Leslie: OK, well, whatever...
Tom: Tom N. Haverford collects globes.
Leslie: Great, that's enough.
Tom: His favorite movie is books.

And now it's time for the premiere of the sixth season of Parks and Recreation! So excited!

But first, here's a photo set of a sleepy little Mystery.

Peace. :)


  1. How am I just now discovering this amazing theme for MoFo? I loved that episode with the chicky-chicky parm parm with long ass rice! LOL It looks wonderful. But where are the apps and zerts? :-)

    1. Thanks so much, luminousvegans! :) Hahaha, yeah, this post is sadly lacking in apps and zerts... I had leftover pigs in a blanket from Wednesday's post, so those were the apps but I didn't bother to take a new pic. And I was so full, I didn't even bother with making zerts. :)