Thursday, September 19, 2013

Chicken Sandwich

Hello on the 19th day of the Vegan Month of Food! Today's Nostalgia Week post is a modified vegan version of what was one of my favorite fast food meals.

Chicken Sandwich

--1 Boca chik'n patty
--shoestring fries
--1 bun (or two slices of bread)

Like yesterday's post, this one is super easy to prepare (as it should be, seeing as how this is imitating fast food!). Lay out a Boca chik'n patty and the shoestring fries on a baking tray, put in the oven at 425° F for 10-15 minutes, flipping them halfway through (the patty takes longer than the fries). Serve the chik'n (on a bun with lettuce, tomato, ketchup, and mustard) and fries with a pickle and baby carrots (not pictured), as well as ketchup for dipping the fries. (The pickle and carrots were never part of the meal, but I like to add them now.)

I enjoyed fast food chicken sandwiches before I was vegan, but even so, it took me a while to finally get around to making a vegan version. 

Mayonnaise always seemed to be a default condiment for this sandwich, but I was never a fan; when I would request that it be left off, it often still was put on. So, in my veganizing of the chicken sandwich, I've also modified it so that even vegan mayonnaise has no place in it; instead, it's good old ketchup and mustard as condiments.

We didn't get fast food that often when I was younger, so when we did, it was a fun treat, especially because that meant we could also order soda, which we otherwise only drank on special occasions. However, I only remembered this little tidbit about the soda as I was typing out this post! I'd already eaten, with a nice glass of water as a drink, so no soda was included with this meal. (But I'm OK with that, as I'm really not much of a soda person nowadays.)

One final related nostalgia moment has only to do with the lettuce and nothing to do with the chicken sandwich. I have so many nostalgic food memories that remind me of Me-Me, the woman who minded my sister and me when we were little; she was like a grandmother to us. From chicken noodle soup to the candies she would have in jars in the kitchen, I have many great food memories, but one of my favorites in its beautiful simplicity (and "accidentally vegan"-ness) is that of lettuce and a sprinkle of salt. Sounds weird, I know, but it is a special memory to me; while we were making sandwiches, Me-Me would let me take a piece of lettuce, shake a bit of salt onto it, and munch on that while we finished up the sandwiches. I absolutely loved the taste of the salty, crisp lettuce! Every now and then when I'm putting lettuce on something, today being one of those times, I think of Me-Me and break off a piece, adding a dash of salt. :)

Whenever I have a Boca chik'n patty, I have to keep an eye on Mystery, as she once stole a couple pieces of chik'n from my unattended plate. Now she has a taste for them and always follows me around in the kitchen when I am preparing one.

"I guess you won't be sharing..."

P.S. Just a week now until the season premiere of Parks and Recreation! My Parks & Rec theme week begins on Sunday! I'm still tweaking some of the details, but I'm getting really excited!

Peace. :)

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