Friday, August 3, 2018

Lots of Spice this Week!

Hi everyone! My sister Alena visited again on Tuesday; for lunch we made the spicy macaroni & cheese from AfroVeganChick (I used the plain Chao – the chipotle mayo was spicy enough – and left out the ground coriander) and the spicy BBQ cauliflower wings from My cat loves Daiya! (I only used about ½ tablespoon hot sauce instead of ½ cup). We started eating the mac & cheese while the cauliflower finished cooking and then added them in once they were done.

Super spicy but so good!

For dinner we kept it simple and made spaghetti with the zesty Italian meatless meatballs from Aldi and a “garlic bread” bagel.


And then today I made “buffachos” (also from My cat loves Daiya!), which was another super simple and tasty meal!

Buffalo chickpeas atop tater tots, with vegan ranch dressing

In other news, I harvested my first cherry tomatoes! 

And here are some recent sketches…

tomatillo (original photo)

tomato (original photo)

asparagus (original photo)

And finally, here are the sisters Daisy and Cringer doing some bird-watching together… 

Peace. :)


  1. So much awesomeness in this post! How great that your sister has been able to visit! The meals look seriously incredible (and a "garlic bread bagel" is genius!) and hooray for a harvest! I love the sketches and the cuties bird watching in the window :)

    1. Thanks, Sarah! It's been great getting to hang out with her and cook lots of fun meals together! And yeah, the garlic bread bagel is so simple but so good! :)

  2. What a brilliant idea to have mac and cheese with the cauliflower!! I must do that. And it seems like such a summery meal somehow!I'm so glad you like the buffachos! I just made that ish last night with potatoes instead of tots. I love it so much, the ranch makes it!
    I just love your sketches! I love the tomatillo!
    Isn't it so cute when kitties sit side by side in the window?

    1. Thanks, Hillary! The mac & cheese/cauliflower combination is so good, and using potatoes instead of tater tots sounds great for the buffachos, too! :)
      I always love when they sit together like that, but it never lasts long with the two of them; sooner or later, they get into a scuffle when they both want to sprawl out but no longer want to share the space!

  3. Cute kitties!
    All the food sounds great, though my nose is running just thinking about the spice. ;)

    1. Thanks, Susan! It was so good but so spicy; I needed some tissues during and after the cauliflower, but it was definitely worth it! :)

  4. Yey tomato season! Nice collection of recipes. It all sounds so yummy- especially that bagel garlic bread.

    1. Thanks, Jennifer! The garlic bread bagel was quite delicious! :)