Sunday, September 21, 2014

Janice's Stroganoff

Hello on the 21st day of the Vegan Month of Food! Today begins my Veganlist week, wherein I will be veganizing food from The Blacklist in order to prepare for (and celebrate) the return of its second season on Monday, September 22nd!

The Blacklist begins with Raymond “Red” Reddington surrendering to the FBI, offering to help them capture other criminals. Red's assistance, however, is conditional on one demand: That he gets to work with Elizabeth Keen, a profiler who has just begun her first day on the job. Each episode focuses on a criminal from Red's “blacklist,” but woven throughout are questions regarding the connection between Agent Keen and Red, their histories, and secrets from the past. Other characters include the individuals in the special task force that forms to coordinate with Red; Elizabeth's husband Tom; and Red's various contacts and fellow criminals.

(Trigger warning: Discussion of violence, gun, shooting)

For today's post, we hop to Season 1's Episode 11 (“The Good Samaritan No. 106”), which shows the fallout from the events surrounding the previous blacklister, Anslo Garrick. Red spends this episode hunting down everyone involved as he attempts to figure out who betrayed him. The wife of one of the individuals he meets with is preparing dinner while the two talk. Things quickly escalate when Red shoots the man, demanding a name. Quite understandably, the wife loses it and Red brings her to a closet, closing her inside. When the man finally gives a name, Red goes to the closet door, apologizing to the wife before he leaves: “Janice, I'll take a rain check on the stroganoff; it smells delicious.”

(End of trigger warning)

So, I decided to make Janice's stroganoff for my first Veganlist meal. I used Gardein's “beefless tips” and the recipe they suggested. I used 8 beefless tips and halved the rest of the recipe. Other changes: I used sliced white mushrooms, couldn't find any called cremini; I used a vegan “creamy mushroom soup” and Tofutti sour cream; and I substituted vegetable broth for the white wine. Everything came together fairly easily, though I did start off using too small a pan and have to switch to a bigger one once I added the mushrooms, whoops.

As for the meal itself, it was good overall, but I actually didn't care for the beefless tips. They just tasted weird to me, and it surprised me when I realized that I preferred the mushrooms!

So, for future versions of this recipe, I think I might actually make it without the beefless tips. Thanks for the recipe, Gardein, but, ah, I think I'll pass on the product that inspired it.

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Mind your own business, Aram. :P

To close tonight's post, let's check in with the kitties: Leela really enjoyed playing with the drop cloth before I started painting this week, while Buttons was a bit less sure of it and kept her distance.

"This is the best toy ever!"

"Um, hey guys, what's going on?"

Peace. :)


  1. I love this theme! I don't watch, but my father loves the show. I barely remember what stroganoff tastes like, but I think I'd like the one you made! Thanks for posting!

  2. Cool theme! Sounds like an interesting show! I prefer the Gardein beefless tips when I cut them up in tiny pieces. I can't handle the chunks they give you.

    1. Thanks, Heather! Yeah, I ended up doing that, cutting up the tips into smaller pieces! :)