Monday, September 22, 2014

Pirozhki with Ivan

Hello on the 22nd day of the Vegan Month of Food! Today continues my Veganlist theme (veganizing of foods from The Blacklist) with pirozhki, which Red enjoyed when he met with Ivan (Season 1, Episode 17, “Ivan (No. 88)”).

To make the pirozhki, I used the recipe here. I halved it (though I realized I did the math wrong for the soy milk, and so I added more to the dough right before I was supposed to leave it alone to rise... without heating the soy milk up first, so I think the cold may have killed the yeast, whoops), and used mashed potatoes and the stroganoff leftovers as the filling, leaving out the optional red pepper flakes.

So, the dough didn't rise much. I was able to form three little circles and two bigger ones. I really should have rolled the dough flatter. Ah well, next time. I was able to fit about half of the filling in, though pinching the pirozhki closed was difficult and the filling was still poking out a bit.

This one turned out the best. :)

While the pirozhki baked, I snacked on the remaining filling, which turned out to be a rather delicious combo. Add in some veggies, and it would be a nice variation on my mashed potato bowl. And then I sampled the pirozhki itself once it was done; it was good, all things considered! For my first time making it, I'll look at it as a success, but here's hoping the next time turns out better.

The Blacklist returns for its second season tonight at 10 p.m. Anyone else watching?

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In other news, guess what got delivered today!

That's right: The Vegan MoFo mug from Jeanette Zeis Ceramics that I won in the giveaway! It's so cute & cool; I love it! I'm debating whether I want the first drink I have from it to be hot chocolate or tea tonight... I'm leaning toward hot chocolate.

Leela and Buttons enjoyed sniffing everything over.

And they were especially fond of the twine that had been tied around the bubble-wrapped mug.

At one point, they were even playing with it at the same time.

Oh, and silly Buttons made it onto the Vegan MoFo Sunday Round Up; check it out!

Peace. :)


  1. It sounds like those would be very yummy with that filling! Congrats on the super cuter mug!

    1. Yeah, the filling is awesome! I might experiment with other fillings in the future, but I'll definitely be coming back to this one again since I know it's good. & thanks; it was so fun drinking from it tonight! :)

  2. Oh what! You won the Jeanette Zeis Ceramics giveaway?? I'm jelly. That was the one I like, really really wanted to win. Well congrats on that :). Also I nominated you for a Liebster!

    1. Yeah, I was so excited when I won! Good luck if you've entered into any other MoFo giveaways! Thanks so much for the Liebster nomination; I was also nominated by Kate (Odd Little Vegan), but I think these are fun, so I'll do another post to answer your questions later this week. (I'd actually planned to nominate you in my last one, but someone beat me to it!)

  3. Oh, yay, you won one of the mugs! I like that B and L got to inspect it first and I hope playing with the packaging brought them a little closer together. :)

    I've never seen The Blacklist and I'd also never heard of pirozhki but they do look good!

    1. Thanks, Bonnie! They had a blast checking everything out, and they seemed to enjoy playing together, as long as they stayed at other ends of the string, haha!
      Yeah, pirozhki was a new food to me, too; I was pleasantly surprised to find so many recipes when I searched for vegan versions! :)

  4. Hoorah! congrats on winning the MoFo mug!