Thursday, September 25, 2014

Red and Dembe's Yogurt Pretzels

Hello on the 25th day of the Vegan Month of Food! For today's Veganlist, I figured I'd try to make yogurt pretzels.

In an attempt to convince Craig (Christopher) to talk, Red takes him out on a “field trip” to look at some art. When Christopher realizes that harm will likely come to his mother if he doesn't cooperate, Red wraps up the visit.

Red: Well, let's go back to the hotel. I think I saw some yogurt pretzels in your mini bar. 

Liz returns from working the case to find Red and Dembe snacking as they watch TV in the room, Christopher still refusing to talk. After something rather sudden and shocking...

...Red decides it's time to leave, and Dembe stays behind to clean the place of any sign they were there.

Red: Dembe, I'll get her downstairs. After you're done, grab the pretzels.

To make the yogurt pretzels, I mixed together vegan yogurt and powdered sugar, into which I dipped the pretzels. I wasn't sure how well they'd turn out, so I wanted to try making them two ways: Some I put in the freezer; for the others, I warmed up the oven for a bit, then turned it off, placing the tray of pretzels inside with the oven door cracked, leaving them to hopefully solidify.

Well, this wasn't quite what I pictured when I heard “yogurt pretzels.”

Never having had them before, I guess I'd been expecting something that looked similar to (white) chocolate-covered pretzels, but the yogurt was not nearly thick enough for that to work. (Maybe I should have done more powdered sugar? I don't know.) But regardless of them just looking like shiny, sticky pretzels, they smelled delicious and tasted nice & sweet. I'm not much of a sugar person, so maybe it was good that there wasn't a super thick coating.

Notes: The ones I put in the freezer didn't get as soggy/soft as the ones in the oven. More of their yogurt/sugar coating was visible, in patches, but it melted rather quickly.

Buttons rested on her blue bench today while I made the yogurt pretzels.

And Leela is back to curling up on my jeans.

Peace. :)


  1. I can imagine that they must smell awesome! I don't think I could eat too many of those if they were super sweet.

    1. Thanks, Heather! Yeah, they are just the right amount of sweetness for me! :)

  2. Tou made pretzels! That's awesome.