Friday, September 12, 2014

Snack Time!

Hello on the 12th day of the Vegan Month of Food! Tonight's post showcases just three of the many vegan snacks you can find at the dollar store: Soft pretzels, trail mix, and wheat crackers.

I gave the soft pretzels a try last night.

I'm used to the Super Pretzels kind, so I noticed that compared to them, the dollar store soft pretzels are a bit thinner, as well as being more of an oval shape than they appear on the box, haha. I had my soft pretzel with a bit of mustard to dip it in, and I enjoyed it.

Apparently Buttons was interested as well...

Maybe I'm just not that picky, but I don't really find much of a difference between these and the Super Pretzels (other than their outward appearance), so I'll probably start going with these instead and save a bit (of course, that will be after I try out these two pretzel recipes from fellow Vegan MoFo bloggers at KZ Cakes and AfroVeganChick).

The next dollar store snack is the fruit & nut trail mix.

It's pretty good, a nice combo of salty & sweet, but nothing overly exciting.

The last of my dollar store snack items, the wheat crackers, are ones I've had before (my mom was the first to find them), so I already knew of their awesome tastiness.

You can snack on them plain, have them with soup & dunk them, or even try out various toppings if that's your thing (like adding little pieces of vegan cheese on top, perhaps?).

Lunch today was a repeat of yesterday's, burrito with leftover brown rice & black beans, with tortilla chips and salsa.

Dinner was chicken (TVP) noodle soup (featuring the dollar store items of pasta, salt free seasoning, and wheat crackers on the side).

Here's a silly sleepy Leela, who thinks cat beds are great in theory, but that nothing really beats the floor when it comes to napping surfaces.

Peace. :)


  1. Love your blog. Love that you have kitties and are an ethical vegan :)
    I must add your blog to my blogroll !

  2. So put your salsa directly into your chip cups. I feel like I've been eating chips and salsa incorrectly all this time. Even though I eat them, like, every day. Next time I have chip cups, I'm going to eat them like this which is obvious and brilliant.

    1. Haha, thanks, Hannah! I actually only just started doing this during MoFo... I was thinking, the watery part of the salsa always seems to find its way across the plate to the burrito even if I set up a "wall" of chips to block it... So doing it this way helps to contain it & the burrito doesn't get all soggy. :)

  3. I'm wondering what happened to the pretzels. Did they use some other pretzels for the picture? The pretzels are way more oval than the ones on the picture!

    1. Yeah, that baffled me as well... False (shape) advertising, haha! I didn't mind because they still tasted good, but it was odd to pull out oval pretzels, expecting round ones!