Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Vegan Road Trip Essentials

Hello everyone! Today's prompt is "What would you bring on a vegan road trip?" My motto for road trips (and life, lol!) is "A vegan is always prepared!" Depending on the length of the road trip, I usually have at least one reusable grocery bag full of snacks and easy-to-prepare foods. Zach likes to tease me about how much food I bring along, but even though we stop along the way to eat and I can almost always find something veganizable, I still like to munch on snacks during the drive. So, if I pack them, then that's less stopping and more road tripping awesomeness!

I like to have these veggie chips on road trips.

Granola bars are always a good idea.

And some nuts & raisins are key.

Apples are nice to have, too. I pack cereal, orange juice, and soy milk for breakfasts, and bring along soup cups as just-in-case lunches.

Finally, I make sure to take my trusty water bottle, plus I always have mints, hand sanitizer spray, chap stick, extra napkins/tissues, and a plastic fork in my bag. 

And while this isn't a Veganlist post, I think it definitely contains some good suggestions for snacks that Red and Liz might enjoy while they are on the run...

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Here are Daisy, Cringer, Buttons, and Leela...

Peace. :)


  1. I think it is always better to pack too many snacks than not enough. You don't want to suddenly find yourself hungry!

  2. I love those vegetable crisps. The soup cups are a great for travelling. I'd love to find something like that.

    1. Thanks; the soup cups definitely come in handy! :)

  3. I love those chips made out of all the different vegetables! I can't eat regular potato chips anymore, they are so boring compared! I just bought the "chicken" flavored ramen on my last trip to the grocery store. I have them at work in case I get hungry and don't have anything to eat! But you are right, a vegan is always prepared :)

    1. Yes, they are so good & so much tastier than regular potato chips! The "chicken" flavored ramen is another good one -- I also really like the hot & sour soup cup! :)