Sunday, November 6, 2016

Red's Brooklyn Baconeer with Cheese

Hi everyone! Today's Vegan MoFo prompt is: Comfort food – Something that always cheers you up. I feel like I've already blogged enough about my own comfort foods, so I decided to do a Veganlist (veganizing foods from The Blacklist) post instead. It still fits with the theme, though -- it's something that got a smile out of Red at an otherwise stressful and sad time.

A scene in "Alexander Kirk: Conclusion (No. 14)" (Season 3, Episode 23) involves Red stalling for time while Tom and others switch a truck in the parking lot of Seymour Buns, the "World's Best Hot Dogs Since 1966." Red is in line in front of the man whose truck they are meddling with, and he does his very best to drag out the process of ordering his lunch. He is fascinated by the menu and the many variations of hot dogs available, but he eventually makes his decision...

Red: So it'll be one Chicago double dog, hold the pickles, and one, uh... the, uh, Brooklyn Baconeer with cheese. Oh, and throw in some of those house-made sea-salt chips.
Woman: Will that be all?
Red: What do you recommend on the dessert front?

To make the Brooklyn Baconeer with cheese,
I chopped & sauteed a quarter of an onion, followed by some Lightlife bacon, then boiled a Tofurky hot dog, melted a slice of Tomato Cayenne Chao, and combined it all in a hot dog bun, serving it with sea salt chips.

It looked a bit messy but was actually really good! I can see now why it made Red smile.

image source

The cute kitty pic of today's post is Leela being silly; she's sleeping while holding her left front paw curled up in the air...

Peace. :)


  1. That is one comforting looking hot dog!
    And one comfy looking kitty.

  2. That doesn't seem too long or a dragged out order. I once had someone say they didn't know what they wanted at a coffee shop- and it was sort of like "uh... there coffee, latte, cappuccino, they don't have that many fancy things!" XD That hot dog does look good though

    1. Thanks, Jennifer! :) That's funny about the coffee shop! Yeah, sorry for the confusion, there was more to the scene before the part I quoted (which was just him placing his order). Before that, he's asking what the difference is between two of the hot dogs because he thought they sounded like they would be the same, and going on about how he was so overwhelmed by all the options and didn't know how he would decide on an order, etc., haha!

    2. ah! So he had an excuse to for taking so long. But then again coffee can be confusing too. lol