Friday, November 18, 2016

Aram's Rum Raisin Ice Cream

Hi everyone! Today's Vegan Mofo prompt is: Grayscale – Can you make your food look like a photo taken with a black and white camera? Or take a photo in black and white that looks great. This was perfect for another Veganlist post! 

We see Aram having some ice cream at the end of "The Artax Network (No. 41)" (Season 3, Episode 20), and in the following episode -- "Susan Hargrave (No. 18)" -- he mentions it when telling the task force about his surprise visitor that night...

Aram: Right. Okay, yeah. So... I'm sitting there eating a half gallon of ice cream -- rum raisin -- when he suddenly shows up. Mr. Reddington at my door in the middle of the night. I know. Kind of weird. Although, truth be told, we do sort of have a special relationship.

In order to make Aram's rum raisin ice cream, I followed this recipe, though I used apple cider as a substitute for the rum. It turned out really well, but unsurprisingly super coconutty!

in grayscale

Here's Buttons being a muffin kitty...

Peace. :)


  1. Apple cider and raisin sounds nice.
    When I was little there was a particular ice cream shop that made really good Rum and Raisin ice cream. I don't think I've had it since going vegan.

    1. Thanks; it's a pretty nice combination! :)

  2. I don't think I've had a vegan rum and raisin either, but this definitely makes me wish I had one available!