Monday, November 28, 2016

Holiday Sugar Cookies

Hi everyone! Today begins Vegan MoFo's Holidays theme with the prompt: Holiday Bake Day! – What are you planning on baking over the winter holidays? Do you make cake, or cookies? Or something savory? I decided to make holiday sugar cookies tonight and test out eight different shapes to see which ones work best. 

1st tray, unbaked

1st tray, baked

2nd tray, unbaked

2nd tray, baked

My favorite shape is the Christmas tree, followed by the star and the gingerbread person, so if I do make cookies again, those will be the shapes I'll use.

(The snowflake shape looked like an asterisk to me, and the snow person was OK, but I feel like it's one that would need icing on it to emphasize what it's supposed to be? Same for the wreath shape; it doesn't really work since it's not hollowed out in the middle. The candy cane shape turned out a bit too thick, and the "biscuit" shape wasn't all too holiday-y.)

Here's Buttons and Leela in the sunshine...

Peace. :)


  1. I did not realise that was meant to be a wreath... though I reckon with a bit of decorating you could turn them into a pudgy kitty face. ;)

    1. Ah, that is such a great idea about making kitty faces out of those shapes! Thanks, Susan! :D

  2. I think I must have the same snowflake cutter, because mine really doesn't look festive either. Christmas tree shapes are always my favourite, because when I was little we made gingerbread Christmas teas, poured bright green icing over them and covered them with sprinkles. It was the best!

    1. That sounds like a really fun memory! :) I'm not one much for icing, but I think it would be fun to make the cookies even more festive with it!